Plague Vendor

The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London -21.4.2016
Photos & live review: Svenja Block

I’m back at The Old Blue Last nearly two years after I first saw Plague Vendor – who call Whittier in California their hometown – perform at the very same place. Shoreditch is still frequented by hipsters on a Thursday evening and the downstairs pub is also still filled with important looking banker types and the like. But up two flights of stairs through a rather narrow hallway and through yet another door we find a little intimate venue that was to be our playground for the night. The DJ’s spinned classic Punk and Rock while we waited in semi darkness for the show to begin…

Stiff Little Fingers

The Forum Kentish Town, London
Live review: David Bignell
Photography : Svenja Block

Stiff Little Fingers formed in Belfast, Ireland in 1977. They were at the height of the Punk scene along with Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Buzzcocks etc. but SLF were different. The powerful songs they wrote at the time were personal. They were experiencing the troubles in Northern Ireland first hand and this was brought to attention in their songs.

Loving the Alien

LOVING THE ALIEN….Geordie Pleathur Rants at Length About All The People Who Died, Shaving His Eyebrows, Grease Painted Lightning Bolts, The Endless War Police State, Rampant Affluenza  & Disgraceful Two-Tiered Injustice System, Leftish Gentrification Authoritarians Who Only Care About Themselves, Dumb Cable TV Racist Wingnut Blowhards & Eventually Raves About Vasoline Tuner’s Surrealistic New Glittery Space Aged Offering, “FREAKY ACTION”…..


christopher duda - mayor of tiny town – sugarbuzz munchkin land
Photography by Alan Rand

TEN TON MOJO is a rock band on the rise! For East Coast rock fans, TEN TON MOJO has become a game-changer. They are being called “easily the best rock band in New York City” by the regional press. Don’t be fooled by the grass roots marketing campaign. Their strong social media presence is helping to turn them into a national contender! Their newly released self-titled album has secured them supporting slots for touring artists like The Supersuckers, The Dirty Pearls, Jesse Malin, John 5, and the late Scott Weiland.

Steve Scarlet

scarlettopperInterview with Steve Scarlet (Sinisters/Drunkula/Voodoo Bunny and Cyclops 7666)
Christopher Duda –Sugarbuzz Ravished Wolf Country
Select Photos by Jerry Abramowicz
Select Photo by Michael Dent
Select Photos by Sean Ryan

One eyed drunks creating Babel like mad preachers at the pulpit. Jettisoning all baggage to make the load lighter and more intense. All-nighters, lots of caffeine. No somnolent subdued sleepiness. Rabble rousers arise the next coming has arrived.

The Roxy Suicide

The Roxy Suicide
Whisky a Go-Go
By Lucky

Doors at 7, band at 7:15. Those were the discouraging words laid down by the guy in The Whisky a Go-Go’s office at like 5. I had to think fast and move faster. On a trek which had me a zillion miles from The Strip I thought my chances of making it to see The Roxy Suicide were nil, but by God I had to get my game face on and try.