Deane Clapper – KNIF

topbanner4“HOODLUM THUNDER!” KNIF VS. THE ANTI-ROCK CONSPIRACY! (-media amateur, Geordie Pleathur, talks with the imminently rising, rebel guitar hero and underground music scenemaker, DEANE CLAPPER of KNIF!)

Harlis Sweetwater Band

Harlis Sweetwater Band
Put It In Dirt
By Lucky
Photography by Chris Salazar, Bill MeDermott and Jessica Mcnew

I’m hopped up man, not on pills, booze, coke or weed, just brain overload; I ‘m on the razzmatazz. Two in the morning and sleepless, six is going to land quick. I’m fucked. So are the neighbors as I am about to blast some Harlis Sweetwater Band to cure what ales me. Off the deep end these days, and loving it. Can you say eviction notice?

Post No Bills

“this ain’t rock and roll, this is genocide …”  Bowie
Freeway Flyers September 2014
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The Viper Room Presents …

Casper & The Bad Spirits, Black Marquee & The Chelsea Smiles
The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce

On the last day of July 2014, Casper & The Bad Spirits opened up a triple threat at the Viper Room heading up a heavenly roster with The Black Marquee and The Chelsea Smiles. It’s like that game Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Casper’s guitar man, Kevin Bombay plays with The Bad Spirits and the Black Marquee. And Sky Vaughn-Jayne doubles as a Black Marquee and a Chelsea Smile.  Eventually we will all play in the same band. We are the World

The Summer So Far

Blackboard Jungle Reunion Show XII The Viper Room
Rivet & Satellite Sky at The Kitty Club Boardner’s
Vim Dicta at The Troubadour
Hollywood & The Sunset Strip 2014
By Victoria Joyce

It’s the first weekend in June in West Hollywood. Summer has started. So we got two things; Gay Pride Weekend and the Blackboard Jungle Reunion Show. And the BBJ is back in it’s original home- the Viper Room (last year’s was up the street at the Roxy).

Cruefest Hollywood 2014

Cruefest Hollywood 2014
Whisky a Go – Go
Hollywood, CA
By Lucky

Once again, local residents were on lockdown as Cruefest Hollywood 2014 hit town bringing with it the usual gang of diabolical deviants as well as plenty of unsuspecting club goers who were treated to some serious ass kicking via local and out of town acts that united under one banner.