Peter Murphy

Peter Murphy13Peter Murphy
El Rey Theatre
Los Angeles
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Dali’s Car) is touring once again in support of his new album “Lion”.

Don’t Knock the Rock

Don’t Knock the Rock Film Festival
July 3-August 21 2014
Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
By Victoria Joyce

In it’s tenth year, the Don’t Knock the Rock Film Festival, co-founded & curated by mama/daughter, Alison & Tiffany Anders, got kicked off proper with the greatest movie ever made, “A Hard Day’s Night.” The Beatles started shooting this as soon as they got back to England after conquering America in 1964. A gorgeous 50th Anniversary restoration in glorious black and white from Janus Films is in wide release and will run for two weeks at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax. For the Love of God, go.

Choking Susan – Interview

Conversations with Colleen Caffeine and Paul Lunsford
The Choking Susan Interview
Hosted by Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)
Photography by Chryss “ButterknYfe” O’Raidy

Recently, Choking Susan graced a stage in Los Angeles, California as part of a whirlwind west coast tour. After a rabble rousing set that was reviewed in SugarBuzz several weeks ago, Lucky had the pleasure of sitting down with Colleen and Paul for an impromptu chat with surprising results. The statute of limitations has passed and now we feel somewhat safe in revealing to you……..

Jacco Gardner

Jacco Gardner
The Church on York
Los Angeles, CA
By Lucky
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Days later, I am still in a perpetual state, walking a dimension not my own, repercussions of an ethereal night of melodies courtesy of Jacco Gardner and his companions. Melodies enhanced by atmospheric surrealism thanks to the one hundred year old locale and an enlightened assembly.

Crow Bait

Crow Bait
“Sliding Through The Hall Of Fate” LP/CD (Don Giovanni Records) 2014
By Rich Cocksedge

It seems a while now since I first heard Crow Bait on the band’s debut 7” and checking out that passing of time it’s actually around two and a half years.  The band hasn’t been the most prolific in the intervening years but then it has been more of a side project with members of the band also being involved in the likes of Iron Chic and Sister Kisser to name but two.

Brandy Row

SugarBuzz Magazine is proud to present …
The USA premier of Brandy Row’s “Decline Of A Better Man” video.
The SugarBuzz Magazine interview with Brandy Row –  select inquiries by Geordie Pleathur
Watch it Here and Read it Now !!!

Brandy Row