Woven Hand

Last Minute Salvation: Woven Hand at Jewels Catch One
Los Angeles November 12th
Review and Photography by Mila Reynaud

After a smoke signal on Facebook around 10pm 0n Wednesday Nov 12th, I realized that my “beloved Messiah band” Woven Hand was in town. I mean I had just an hour to cross the city and grab my camera because I just couldn’t miss them.

Dead Sara

Dead Sara
Viper Room
By Victoria Jane Joyce

Post Halloween 2014 in WeHo and it was just like Woodstock – we were half a million strong. Except it ain’t no Peace, Love and Music. It was Villiany, Vomiting and EDM. But we call it home.


Review and photos Svenja Block

The Vans X Crossfire Halloween Massacre at House of Vans in London near Waterloo Bridge (under the arches to be precise) opened its doors back in August 2014 with no others than Hip Hop legends Public Enemy launching this smart music venue and skateboarders and lovers of the arts heaven in style.

open your ears and bleed

pod-shit1-final-topperOpen Your Ears and Bleed
SugarBuzz Podcast

In a match of musical wits, Christopher Duda, and our fearless leader Lucky, spin, in their not so humble opinions, some of punk and rocks greatest in what can only be described as a sensational sound soirée.


West Coast Performance of Arno (Belgian artist) at the Lyric Theater in Los Angeles November 8th
By Mila Reynaud
Photography by Mila Reynaud

ARNO, is a Belgian artist born in Ostend Belgium. He sings in a mixture of English, French and his Ostend dialect. He was the front man of TC Matic, one of the best known Belgian bands of the 80′s.

Viper Room – Finally Legal

viper-id-topThe Viper Room’s 21st Birthday Party – We’re Finally Legal
Monday: Bettye LaVette
Tuesday: Mike Stinson, James Hall, Jesse Dayton
Wednesday: Jam Prancer, Future Villains
Thursday: Jesse Malin, Black Marquee & Louise Goffin
Friday: Johnny Gnecco, Palo Alto & Bitch
Saturday: Slunt, All Star Jam with Billy Morrison, Steve Stevens, featuring Billy Idol
The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce