Blackboard Jungle

Blackboard Jungle Reunion Show 2016
With Swinging Thing, Image Nation, Love Razors
& Brent Muscat’s Alley Cats
The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce

Aging gracefully for Rockers means water bottles litter stages instead of beer cans, wives hang out, not groupies and baby sitters have replaced cocaine dealers as the most important number in your phone. Aging gracefully for rock journalists means turning off the Memorial Day movie marathon and go out to the club for a sure bet to see one of the best shows of the year. Hell, I’ve seen “Kelly’s Heroes” about as many times as I’ve seen Blackboard Jungle. Anyway, Spoiler Alert: Germany loses.

Deserted at The Palms

Deserted at The Palms
Photography and Words by Mila Reynaud

Do you like road trips and weird local festivals as much as I do? If yes, take the direction to the desert, pass out Joshua Tree and go to the Wonder Valley, at 29Palms find the Amboy rd and stop your car around the Texaco water tank, take a look around you, yes you are in the middle of nowhere and now you will have so much fun at “Deserted at The Palms”.


george orwellPOP HEART (-Geordie Pleathur looks back on his wasted youth, dead friends, assembly-line glam-metal, the grunge hoax, unreality programming, and wonders what became of the teenage dream…)

Louise Distras

Louise Distras
Redwood, Los Angeles
Interview by Lucky
Photography by Alex Kinnan

Every so often, a standout-touring musician that comes to ply their wares visits Los Angeles. These visitations are not just a gig, or a show, but an event to be experienced, treasured and forever remembered. Those enough in-the-know, or perhaps fortunate to be in a right place at a right time bear witness to the phenomenon, and are instrumental to spread the word, carry the artists message. Such is my mission.

Lee Ving

Lee Ving Throbblehead
Headliners and Legends

Available for pre-order is a must have for punks, collectors of cool and fans of legendary Los Angeles hardcore punk band Fear. From our friends at AGGRONAUTIX, the people who brought you the insanely cool Wendy O. Williams “1982” and the completely sold out and still highly sought after Captain Sensible throbbleheads, comes an amazing piece of work that you are sure going to want adoring your shelf or vestibule.

The Real Kids

realkids1The Real Kids
Headliners and Legends

You can’t keep a good band down. Cult status Boston rockers, The Real Kids, are gearing up for some hopefully true-to-life rumored new recordings, and a sure fire sensational tour of the European nation.

John Felice, whom after a storied tenure with the Velvet Underground influenced band, Modern Lovers, and a failed audition for east coast legends The New York Dolls, joined forces with Rick Coraccio, Steve Davidson, and Norman Bloom to form the original lineup of The Real Kids.