The Real Kids

realkids1The Real Kids
Headliners and Legends

You can’t keep a good band down. Cult status Boston rockers, The Real Kids, are gearing up for some hopefully true-to-life rumored new recordings, and a sure fire sensational tour of the European nation.

John Felice, whom after a storied tenure with the Velvet Underground influenced band, Modern Lovers, and a failed audition for east coast legends The New York Dolls, joined forces with Rick Coraccio, Steve Davidson, and Norman Bloom to form the original lineup of The Real Kids.

Iggy Pop






Iggy Pop & Josh Homme
The Grammy Museum
Los Angeles, California
April 27, 2016
By Victoria Joyce
Phone Pictures by Victoria Joyce

Don’t ever go to downtown Los Angeles. It’s full of sports fans, strollers and cars. And you could pay your utility bill with what they charge for parking. However, when your photographer pal calls and says Iggy Pop is doing an intimate Q&A in cahoots with the new album & tour and she’s got tickets, you don’t hesitate.

Brandy Row

USA premiere of Brandy Row’s “Hold No Shame”.
Exclusive SugarBuzz Magazine Interview by Lucky (Hollywood Miscreant)
Photography by Garazi Gardner

Brandy Row has gained quite a reputation as a legit musical entity resulting from his scathing punk rock endeavors and his introspective solo outings. Brandy’s music is honest and integral, bonding his offerings to the listener.  After some extensive overseas touring and impactful select shows on the east and west coasts, Brandy disappeared from the underground forefront causing many concern as to his whereabouts and status on the planet. As it turns out, Brandy was just tucked away, creating new music and gearing up for his next foray.  So without further ado, watch Brandy’s new video for “Hold No Shame” and read the interview I conducted after finally tracking down Brandy Row.

Plague Vendor

The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch, London -21.4.2016
Photos & live review: Svenja Block

I’m back at The Old Blue Last nearly two years after I first saw Plague Vendor – who call Whittier in California their hometown – perform at the very same place. Shoreditch is still frequented by hipsters on a Thursday evening and the downstairs pub is also still filled with important looking banker types and the like. But up two flights of stairs through a rather narrow hallway and through yet another door we find a little intimate venue that was to be our playground for the night. The DJ’s spinned classic Punk and Rock while we waited in semi darkness for the show to begin…

Stiff Little Fingers

The Forum Kentish Town, London
Live review: David Bignell
Photography : Svenja Block

Stiff Little Fingers formed in Belfast, Ireland in 1977. They were at the height of the Punk scene along with Sex Pistols, Sham 69, Buzzcocks etc. but SLF were different. The powerful songs they wrote at the time were personal. They were experiencing the troubles in Northern Ireland first hand and this was brought to attention in their songs.

Loving the Alien

LOVING THE ALIEN….Geordie Pleathur Rants at Length About All The People Who Died, Shaving His Eyebrows, Grease Painted Lightning Bolts, The Endless War Police State, Rampant Affluenza  & Disgraceful Two-Tiered Injustice System, Leftish Gentrification Authoritarians Who Only Care About Themselves, Dumb Cable TV Racist Wingnut Blowhards & Eventually Raves About Vasoline Tuner’s Surrealistic New Glittery Space Aged Offering, “FREAKY ACTION”…..