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Flamin’ Groovies

fgthisThe Flamin’ Groovies & Matt Hollywood & The Bad Feelings
The Chapel
Valencia Street, The Mission
San Francisco, California
By Victoria Joyce

The legendary Punk Pop Garage Band from San Francisco’s Summer of Love is back in business with (almost) the original guys.

The Flamin’ Groovies were the first to “drop the G” and took their name from a makeshift roach clip – marijuana cigarette or joint if you’re cool. They were the local kids and part of the 1960s San Francisco Music Scene you’ve heard so much about. That Summer of Love thing? Yeah, that. Fifty years ago – 1967.

The Flamin’ Groovies were the exception. They manifested a rough and ready texture of true Roots Rock with Eddie Cochran covers (“Something Else”) almost a nostalgic throwback and bridged the gap between the The Blues, Folk, Rock, Flower Power Psychedelic scene and the Power Pop Punk Rock scene that defined the 70s.

The Electric Prunes / Strangers in a Strange Land

The Electric Prunes, Strangers in a Strange Land with DJ, Cyril Jordan
The Chapel
San Francisco, California
Victoria Joyce
Photography by Greg Gutbezhal

Our first rock and roll show of the New Year took us to The Chapel in The Mission in the beloved and bedraggled San Francisco.  Freezing cold rain and downed trees was no obstacle. Annoying, but not an obstacle.

The Chapel is a gothic and groovy live-music club on Valencia Street in the heart of the way-to-trendy Mission District that bravely features a rainbow of diverse musical artists, local and global. Eighty-something music master and father to Sheila E – Pete Escovedo will be there next week. Also SF’s famous and funny Sketchfest has a weekend’s worth of comedy showcases booked. It’s a very happening place. The Chapel is exactly that, a rehabilitated mini-cathedral with a mighty, mighty divine presence.

The 50 Kaitenz

The 50 Kaitenz
Rock’n Roll Is Not Dead!
By Thomaxe Goze

On November 20th & 23rd, Osaka’s very own Garage Rock superstars graced the stage of Piano’s in NYC to celebrate the 10th anniversary of their critically acclaimed debut album “50 Kaitenz no Gya!!”.


Fonda Theater
By Lucky
Photography by Alex Kinnan

My love affair with the band Lush steams back to the early nineties when I regularly haunted the Sunset Strip. I pretty much had free reign back in those days, bouncing from club to club as they all had an open door policy when it came to the Luckster. Being a DJ at The Rainbow Bar and Grill and a semi regular performing musician, I was entitled membership in the who’s who of Hollywood and thus just came and went as I chose.

Black Bombers & The Sweet Things


Kim and The Created

Kim and The Created at The Troubadour, let’s go crazy!
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

I’m back to see Kim and the Created one more time, because I didn’t get enough at Deserted at the Palms!!  I think it’s my fifth time seeing this band and it gets better and better with each performance. Another reason to see this band again was because this was their homecoming gig, ending their National Tour and I heard that It will be crazy!! And I got what I wanted, it was Raw! Raw Power! Beer shower included!