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Hands Off Gretel

Hands Off Gretel
Interview by Lucky
Photography by Svenja Block

UK sensations Hands Off Gretel have been kicking up quite a stir as of late thanks to relentless touring, social media blitzkriegs, and favorable word of mouth worldwide. Lucky from SugarBuzz Magazine took heed upon recommendation and reached out to the band with inquires of interest in hopes to learn more about this exciting rock and roll foursome. The following transpired.


Interview with Mars Roberge

By Christopher Duda

Photography by Amelia Burns


noun: scumbag; plural noun: scumbags

  1. a contemptible or objectionable person.

Scumbag is the first feature narrative by Toronto born/LA based director Mars Roberge (The Little House That Could). The story takes place circa 1990s, and is about a boy who gets a job, but realizes it is going to cost him his life. There’s also a great musical soundtrack, with tunes by OFF!, Cyclops 7666, The Midnight Six, Tulips for Tina, En Esch, Red Road Warriors, D.H. Peligro, Slick Idiot, Neon Music, DJ Keoki, and many others.

Louise Distras

Louise Distras
Redwood, Los Angeles
Interview by Lucky
Photography by Alex Kinnan

Every so often, a standout-touring musician that comes to ply their wares visits Los Angeles. These visitations are not just a gig, or a show, but an event to be experienced, treasured and forever remembered. Those enough in-the-know, or perhaps fortunate to be in a right place at a right time bear witness to the phenomenon, and are instrumental to spread the word, carry the artists message. Such is my mission.

Brandy Row

USA premiere of Brandy Row’s “Hold No Shame”.
Exclusive SugarBuzz Magazine Interview by Lucky (Hollywood Miscreant)
Photography by Garazi Gardner

Brandy Row has gained quite a reputation as a legit musical entity resulting from his scathing punk rock endeavors and his introspective solo outings. Brandy’s music is honest and integral, bonding his offerings to the listener.  After some extensive overseas touring and impactful select shows on the east and west coasts, Brandy disappeared from the underground forefront causing many concern as to his whereabouts and status on the planet. As it turns out, Brandy was just tucked away, creating new music and gearing up for his next foray.  So without further ado, watch Brandy’s new video for “Hold No Shame” and read the interview I conducted after finally tracking down Brandy Row.


christopher duda - mayor of tiny town – sugarbuzz munchkin land
Photography by Alan Rand

TEN TON MOJO is a rock band on the rise! For East Coast rock fans, TEN TON MOJO has become a game-changer. They are being called “easily the best rock band in New York City” by the regional press. Don’t be fooled by the grass roots marketing campaign. Their strong social media presence is helping to turn them into a national contender! Their newly released self-titled album has secured them supporting slots for touring artists like The Supersuckers, The Dirty Pearls, Jesse Malin, John 5, and the late Scott Weiland.

Steve Scarlet

scarlettopperInterview with Steve Scarlet (Sinisters/Drunkula/Voodoo Bunny and Cyclops 7666)
Christopher Duda –Sugarbuzz Ravished Wolf Country
Select Photos by Jerry Abramowicz
Select Photo by Michael Dent
Select Photos by Sean Ryan

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