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The Cars

heartbeatcity11Visiting the Heartbeat City: The Cars Magnum Opus
By Richard Foreman

If the iconic imagery of a ’74 Plymouth Duster and Rosie the Riveter’s spunky, gear-head little sister didn’t reel you in back in ’84, then chances are, you overlooked the finest album the 1980′s had to offer. Rick Ocasek and the band said “Hello Again”, but after losing ground with Panorama and having to go into overdrive with Shake It Up, The Cars crowning achievement became a musical phantom of the radio.

Marc Bolan

A British television series presented by Marc Bolan ~ 1977
By Krista Cameron

‘Sing me a song that the world can sing along and I’ll show you a song from the heart..’
(from the opening of the MARC television program)

Robert Plant

Robert PlantRobert Plant
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philidelphia)

You can’t give up something you really believe in for financial reasons. If you die by the roadside-so be it. But at least you know you’ve tried. Ten minutes in the music scene was equal of one hundred years outside of it.~ Robert Plant

Joni Mitchell

joni mitchellJoni Mitchell
Seventies Feminism: Where You Can Sleep Around Like You Mean Business
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philadelphia)

Joe Strummer

Joe StrummerOde to Joe Strummer
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philadelphia)

I was not a Clash fanatic. But like everyone else, I liked The Clash. Their impact on music is undeniable, and their impact on today’s world of rock lingers on.

James Honeyman Scott

James Honeyman Scott (The Pretenders) – RocksTribute
By Shelbie Freedman

With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, I’ve decided to turn back to simpler times, when women rocked without grabbing their crotch, a la Miley Cyrus, and men used more hairspray than AquaNet could produce. Not to mention how much eyeliner a good Hair Band could go through in one night’s performance. Yes, let’s talk 80s rock icons, or at least the ones who mattered to me at the time.