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Joe Strummer

Joe StrummerOde to Joe Strummer
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philadelphia)

I was not a Clash fanatic. But like everyone else, I liked The Clash. Their impact on music is undeniable, and their impact on today’s world of rock lingers on.

James Honeyman Scott

James Honeyman Scott (The Pretenders) – RocksTribute
By Shelbie Freedman

With the recent tragedy in Connecticut, I’ve decided to turn back to simpler times, when women rocked without grabbing their crotch, a la Miley Cyrus, and men used more hairspray than AquaNet could produce. Not to mention how much eyeliner a good Hair Band could go through in one night’s performance. Yes, let’s talk 80s rock icons, or at least the ones who mattered to me at the time.

Stars as Eyes

Stars as Eyes
“Important Youth Movement” 7″
TigerBeat6 Records 2001
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Apparently, you can’t judge a 45 by its sleeve either! Scouring through the seven inch bin at the local record store, I came upon a killer picture sleeve of some Asian punk rock ladies that I thought were gonna kick my ass every which way but loose with some hard core grindings. Man, I had a boner the whole way home salivating in anticipation of plundering paradise. I just couldn’t wait to drop the needle.

It’s All Meat

It’s All Meat- 100 percent Meat and No Filler!
By Christopher Duda (SugarBuzz Svengali)

In the early ’60s, the Toronto scene was comprised of small, intimate, colloquial meeting spaces usually limited to old store fronts or church basements and tagged under the cumulative epithet of “Coffee Houses”. These alcohol free venues supported early Toronto folk artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Joni Mitchell, Murray McLauchlan and Bruce Cockburn.


Crass – Christ the Album
- Looking back in anger with your host, Geordie Pleathur

“They are destroying all legal impediments to corporate exploitation and profit, as well as dismantling the regulatory agencies that once protected the citizen. They defend torture, offshore penal colonies, black sites and kidnapping (they call it “extraordinary rendition”) of state enemies. They protect and abet financial fraud. They wage pre-emptive war.


By Geordie Pleathur (SugarBuzz USA)

“Any dictator would admire the uniformity and obedience of the U.S. media.”(-Noam Chomsky) 

“There can be no daily democracy without daily citizenship.”(-Ralph Nader)