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open your ears and bleed

pod-shit1-final-topperOpen Your Ears and Bleed
SugarBuzz Podcast

In a match of musical wits, Christopher Duda, and our fearless leader Lucky, spin, in their not so humble opinions, some of punk and rocks greatest in what can only be described as a sensational sound soirée.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Shugsters !! I though this year I’d post two of Christopher Duda’s Halloween Podcasts for your listening displeasure. They are creepy and kooky and pretty damn spooky. These are just what the mad scientist ordered for your Halloween séance, festival, or party. So without further adieu….

Vinyl Villains – SugarBuzz Podcast

Vinyl Villains
SugarBuzz Podcast Numero Uno
By Christopher Duda

Christopher Duda is back! And he has got a rock and roll house party in his pants. Once again, the demonic Duda has devised a devilish new podcast for your listening pleasure.

Phil Varone of Saigon Kick

Phil Varone of Saigon Kick
Reunion Tour 2013
The Viper Room
The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
by Victoria Joyce

Taquila Mockingbird

Taquila Mockingbird
Interview & Podcast
The Punk Rock Museum
By Victoria Joyce

What do you say to a six-foot something lady with birds egg blue eye shadow that matches her hair? You say “good afternoon Miss Mockingbird!” The Shug’s recent “What Are You Most Grateful For” story brought responses from the four corners of the Rock Universe. Lo and behold, we heard back from a local lady who rang our bell. And in our zip code!

SugarBuzz 2011 Halloween Podcast

SugarBuzz Halloween 2011 Podcast
Hosted by Creepy Creeper

Turn out the lights and turn up the speakers. It’s the SugarBuzz 2001 Podcast featuring guest host Creepy Creeper. This will be the smash of your “spooktacular” Halloween party, or just use for your own devilish devices.