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What are you most thankful for this holiday season?

By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

With the holiday season upon us,  I was reflecting on my blessings (something I need to do more often), and realized that I really do have a lot to be thankful for. It seems more often than not, I tend to take things for granted. This year however I have had a wake up call courtesy of the homeless man living on the local bus stop. Not a druggie or victim of mental illness, he is just a man like many of us, two paychecks away from the street. I learned a lesson from his plight, a lesson in appreciation. Soon I began to wonder what others appreciate as well. So I decided to find out by sending messages containing one simple question ………….. 

Semi Precious Weapons and The Indians

Semi Precious Weapons and The Indians
The Roxy
The Sunset Strip
November 19, 2011
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by David Arnspiger

A free, all-ages show at the Roxy on the pre-Thanksgiving Saturday is enough to get anybody out of the house and away from their relatives. Headliners, Semi-Precious Weapons picked The Indians to open for them making this a drop-what-you’re-doing occasion. We are so there.

Pearl Jam Twenty

Pearl Jam Twenty
American Masters on PBS
October 20, 2011 
By Victoria Joyce

OK, so you probably haven’t watched a show on PBS since Sesame Street, right? Maybe a Ken Burns doc here and there. Now looky here, let me hip you to this jive, there is a series called American Masters that you really ought to be DVRing.

Post Teens

Post Teens “Post Teens” 7 inch/Download EP
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

Blink and you’d miss it.  Well, apart from the fact that if you’re listening to this on the seven inch version, you’d have to flip it over for tracks four, five and six.  In fact, it’s pointless sitting down to listen to either side as you have to get back up almost immediately to turn it over again. 

Yes it’s short, with the six songs coming in at around six and a half minutes but it’s catchy as hell too which means you have to keep playing it over and over.  The answer is to have the downloaded version in addition to the vinyl which means you can listen to the whole ‘record’ in one hit. 


Crass – Christ the Album
- Looking back in anger with your host, Geordie Pleathur

“They are destroying all legal impediments to corporate exploitation and profit, as well as dismantling the regulatory agencies that once protected the citizen. They defend torture, offshore penal colonies, black sites and kidnapping (they call it “extraordinary rendition”) of state enemies. They protect and abet financial fraud. They wage pre-emptive war.

Viper and El Cid

Blackboard Jungle, The Viper Room
Sunset Strip, West Hollywood
The Wooly Bandits, Magic Christian, Mod Dylan and the Love Me Nots
The El Cid, Silver Lake
October 22, 2011
By Victoria Joyce
El Cid Photography byMila Reynaud

Nice day for a white wedding. Lead singer Kenny Price, (Blackboard Jungle, Jet 68 & No Thanks) got hitched. Hearts broke on three continents.