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Taquila Mockingbird

Taquila Mockingbird
Interview & Podcast
The Punk Rock Museum
By Victoria Joyce

What do you say to a six-foot something lady with birds egg blue eye shadow that matches her hair? You say “good afternoon Miss Mockingbird!” The Shug’s recent “What Are You Most Grateful For” story brought responses from the four corners of the Rock Universe. Lo and behold, we heard back from a local lady who rang our bell. And in our zip code!

Natural Child

Natural Child: 1971 (Infinity Cat)
By The Reverend Wayne Coomers

Since you’re likely weeding through everyone’s year-end Top 10s, and you’re undoubtedly noticing a similarity between several of them around the top spot, let me share this quote from Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson from his review of Bon Iver earlier this year: “There’s something irresistible about the thought of a bearded dude from small-town Wisconsin retreating, heartbroken, to a cabin to write some songs.” I ask you, has rock and roll come to this, when someone can lead a review this way, with a straight face—irresistible? really?—and not instantly get the piss taken out of him (at least)?  It wouldn’t be so bad if indie Interweb groupthink weren’t compelling everyone to agree with Richardson, who otherwise seems a decent writer.

BP Fallon

BP Fallon and the Hot Sprockets Press Release
“Headliners and Legends”

BP Fallon & The Hot Sprockets are performing live at The Workman’s Club in Dublin next Tuesday Dec 20th.

For those of you Shugsters that can’t make it the show, you are still in luck. BP’s performance will be streamed live globally by

Money for Guns

Money for Guns: “American Trash” (Reverb Nation) 
By The Reverend Wayne Coomers

Rock Therapy

A desperate, heart-on-the-sleeve rock and roll album is hard to find these days. Key word is desperate: this album opens with a hung-over piano floating in a wash of distortion and ends with a “2 A.M. Breakdown.” In between, Will Saulsbery pleads the cases of various examples of the title type, sometimes including himself, often including wayward women with fishnet stockings and too much access to stimulants, and always including the kind of trash that work for a living and use the laundromat. As such, it’s a refreshing change of pace from Zeitgeist 2011.

Alex Mitchell

CAPTAIN ZAPPED “Heavy For Your Head” 
ALEX MITCHELL interview by Sugarbuzzin’ Geordie Pleathur 

“All these empty buildings, they used to be factories…Ain’t nothin’ here no more, cos they mailed it overseas…All these empty houses that used to have families, all that’s left are ghosts and a million memories….” -Alex Mitchell)

Light Bulb Alley

Light Bulb Alley
Interview by Christ Our Savior Duda
Sugarbuzz-In Hell

Bo Diddley’s bloated rotting corpse is gonna chop your motherfuckin’ head off with that square guitar. He will dice and slice it like some slick Iron Chef wanting to win and eat the heart of Gordon Ramsey. A nice slice of disease oozing from a popped blister on the labia of rock and roll.