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Blackboard Jungle

Blackboard Jungle Reunion Show, 10th Anniversary
With Fizzie Bangers, Glamour Punks, & Swinging Thing
The Roxy, Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, CA
By Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz WeHo)
Photos by Janet Landrum

Another year, another Blackboard Jungle Reunion show.

Deathtrap America

Deathtrap America
The Whisky A Go Go
West Hollywood, CA
By Victoria Joyce

It’s June Gloom in So Cal and that means cool muggy evenings. Perfect for night in a crowded club.  We can look great and our clothes don’t stick. The only bite is, like everywhere else in LA, summer starting means air conditioning –  blasting no matter the time or temp. It’s eleven o’clock at night and the Whisky A Go Go is as cold as a refrigerator. Brrr.

Piss N’ Blood

Piss N Blood
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood Gutterboy)

I don’t want to review this CD. I don’t even want to even listen to it.