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Stars as Eyes

Stars as Eyes
“Important Youth Movement” 7″
TigerBeat6 Records 2001
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Apparently, you can’t judge a 45 by its sleeve either! Scouring through the seven inch bin at the local record store, I came upon a killer picture sleeve of some Asian punk rock ladies that I thought were gonna kick my ass every which way but loose with some hard core grindings. Man, I had a boner the whole way home salivating in anticipation of plundering paradise. I just couldn’t wait to drop the needle.

The Mau Maus

The Mau Maus
The Redwood Bar and Grill
Downtown Los Angeles
South Bay Redondo Beach
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Mila Reynaud

We took a break from the Sunset Strip Music Festival to head downtown. A very special show by LA Punk Legends, The Mau Maus, were playing a set at the forever funky Redwood Bar with the original 1981 line up. (They was just babies.) Self described as psycho-sexual Punk Death Rock, this show could not be missed.

Love and a .38

Love and a .38
Interview by Victoria Joyce
Sunset Strip Music Fest 2012

Three-year veterans of the Sunset Strip Music Festival Love and a .38 took our questions for the second year in a row. They have a new guy on guitar Domo Domaracki joining Ryan Hudson on lead vocals, Justin Emord on bass and Danny Excess is still the drummer.

Diamond Baby

Diamond Baby
The Viper Room, The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
September 5, 2012
By Victoria Joyce

Friend Jackie shouted from across the room “Viper Room – I put you on the list – 9:15.” Oh, OK. A rock band? Tonight? Really hadn’t planned on that but sometimes being a Rock Journalist is like being an EMT. When the bell goes off, you gotta go.

SSMF Kick Off ~ The Doors 1967

The Sunset Strip Music Festival Kick Off Party                                  The Doors
House of Blues, Sunset Strip                                                               KFRC Magic Mountain Music Festival
West Hollywood, California                                                                  Mount Tamalpias, California
August 16, 2012                                                                                     June 1967
Words & Pixs By Victoria Joyce