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Low Culture

Low Culture
Dirtnap Records
By Rich Cocksedge (SugarBuzz UK)

“What is your Happiest Holiday Memory?”

“What is your Happiest Holiday Memory?”
By Lucky and a Host of Friends

Chaos reigns supreme during the days leading up to Christmas. It seems no matter how early I start there is always so much to do and so little time to do it. The shopping, wrapping, decorating and preparing takes its toll and damn near negates the real meaning of the season. So I’d like to take some time, reflect and refrain, and think about times past and my Happiest Holiday Memory.

My Career as a Jerk / Color Me Obsessed

Circle Jerks- My Career as a Jerk- A Film by David Markey
Color Me Obsessed- A Film about the Replacements-Director Gorman Bechard
Zippity Duda (Sugarbuzz- Munchkin Land of the Dancing South African Hopping Dwarf Frogs)

Two completely different approaches for celebrating two uniquely distinct institutions in underground rock and roll.

Lucha VaVOOM

Lucha VaVoom
Mayan Theatre
Los Angeles, CA
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Graham Parker and the Rumour

Graham Parker and the Rumour
The Roxy
The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce

David Johansen

Stage One, Fairfield Theatre Company
By Cary Doll

New York Dolls frontman David Johansen, recently performed a solo show