Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Fabulous Miss Wendy

The Fabulous Miss Wendy The Fabulous Miss Wendy
Interview by Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz West Hollywood)
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Dang! We were totally out of town when The Fabulous Miss Wendy (aka Wendy Jacobsen) did her birthday show at the Viper Room on April 15th. So what to do? Facetime? IM? How about an old fashioned phone call? Done.

Joni Mitchell

joni mitchellJoni Mitchell
Seventies Feminism: Where You Can Sleep Around Like You Mean Business
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philadelphia)

Michael Monroe

MIchael MonroeMichael Monroe
Horns & Haloes
Spinefarm Records
By  Victoria Joyce
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Thank you God. Beloved and venerated rocker, Michael Monroe has a new album coming in August from Spinefarm Records. But as a tease we get to see the new video of “Ballad of The Lower East Side” now. Today.

Joe Strummer

Joe StrummerOde to Joe Strummer
By Shelbie Freedman (SugarBuzz Philadelphia)

I was not a Clash fanatic. But like everyone else, I liked The Clash. Their impact on music is undeniable, and their impact on today’s world of rock lingers on.

Michael Rank and Stag

By Geordie Pleathur

“We have to create culture, don’t watch TV, don’t read magazines, don’t even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow.

Steve Stevens

Steve StevensSteve Stevens
The Viper Room
The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce

Recent wonderful shows at the Viper Room have brought big loving crowds; Warner Drive and Saigon Kick come to mind. But tonight’s show starring Steve Stevens blows those out of the water. Tonight this club is packed solid like White Albacore. Like scary crowded. Like Fire Marshall-shutting-this-thing-down-dangerous.