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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Shugsters !! I though this year I’d post two of Christopher Duda’s Halloween Podcasts for your listening displeasure. They are creepy and kooky and pretty damn spooky. These are just what the mad scientist ordered for your Halloween séance, festival, or party. So without further adieu….


“Martyrs and Prisoners” 7” (Different Kitchen Records) 2013 
By Rich Cocksedge

My first encounter with Rations was very much by chance; I was sent some specific review material by 86d Records and for some reason the label also sent me a copy of the album For Victory.  This sat around for some time before I got my act together and actually listened to it.

A Page of Punk

A Page of Punk
“Fools Punk Line” LP (Drunken Sailor Records) 2013
By Rich Cocksedge 

Oh my giddy aunt.  A Page of Punk are back and this time they’ve managed to sort themselves out a whole LP.  This isn’t a split 7” onto which they manage to cram eleven tracks; here the sky is the limit for this Japanese band which excels are a short, sharp and snappy version of punk rock that goes by in a blur. 


“FUTURA” (CD/Download 2012)

By Rich Cocksedge

The version of honeychain responsible for this five track EP that saw the light of day at the start of 2013 was basically a one woman show with that woman being Hillary Burton, most recently to be found in the duo, Nushu. 

Cruefest Hollywood 2013

Cruefest 2013
Whisky a Go-Go
Hollywood, CA
Featuring Audio Interviews with Nick Culves, Steven Talbott and Lizzy Devine !!!!
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

Waking down the Sunset Strip I had chance to reflect on the just how quickly another year has come and gone. Most people enter this state of mind around January One, but I mark another year’s passage by the arrival of summer, which includes, among other stellar events, the infamous Cruefest Hollywood.

George Glass

George GlassInterview with George Glass
By Christopher Duda –Buzzin’ with Sugar

How did you come to the decision to be homeless in order to pay for the making/reproduction/promotion of this album?