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Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band

Nato Coles and The Blue Diamond Band
“Promises To Deliver” LP/CD  (Dead Broke Records) 2013
By Rich Cocksedge

Some bands manage to channel the kind of 1970’s Bruce Springsteen vibe in such a way that they make it their own.  Others fall flat on the face and then roll over to have their asses kicked in attempting to come across as the 21st century, punk version of The Boss. 

Heathen Apostles

topHeathen Apostles
Redwood Bar and Grill
Los Angeles
By Lucky
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Fifteen hours at the mundane didn’t stop me. Unusual cold weather for Los Angeles didn’t stop me. Killing time in Echo Park didn’t stop me. Six dollars to my name didn’t stop me. Nothing stopped me on this particular Monday’s eve from attending the Heathen Apostles record release party at the Redwood in downtown L.A.

The Smoking Flowers

The Smoking Flowers
“A Bow and Nothin’ More”
Christmas Video Release

It’s Christmas time Shugsters and all of us here at SugarBuzz Magazine wish you best tidings now and throughout the New Year!

The Vim Dicta

The Vim Dicta
EP Release Party
The Viper Room
Sunset Strip, West Hollywood
By Victoria Joyce

You had me at gift bag.  Smart cookie and The Vim Dicta’s manager, Dan Nash threw a big SWAG event and EP release party on Thursday night, November 14 at the Viper Room on Sunset Strip. And it paid off big time. The place was packed with a nice-looking crowd of rock aficionados from LA’s music scene. Meaning, the club was easily 80% musicians. We are family.

Joe Dallesandro

Art & Sex & Rock & Roll…
a conversation with Joe Dallesandro in Hollywood California by Mila Reynaud.
additional inquiries by Lucky
photography by Mila Reynaud

“Little Joe ”, the naked guy in the Paul Morrissey movies. The sublime “Krassky” in “Je t’aime … moi non plus” by Serge Gainsbourg . A Warhol Superstar, more than just a body.

Kid Nichols

Kid Nichols
 “Weathering The Storm” Digital (Self Released) 2013
By Rich Cocksedge

It’s no surprise that on this release that Kid Nichols initially remind me of Timeshares – they’re both New Jersey bands and there is undeniably some musical similarities between a bunch of bands from that state (it’s also produced and mixed by Pete Steinkopf of the Bouncing Souls to help cement this potentially sweeping comparison).