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Lightning in a Bottle

Lightning in a BottleLightning in a Bottle Festival 2015
Bradley, California
By Victoria Joyce
Photos by Victoria Joyce

So many festivals. So little me.

How do you pick? Coachella is too big. Jazz Fest in NOLA is too far. We went for Lightning in a Bottle because it was just right. It’s a Goldilocks thing.

We love their mission statement: “Leave it better.” All about being Green and they’ve got awards to prove it. Seriously, the only visible policing was at the trash cans with strict guidelines: Compost, Recycle & Landfill. And Security ripped you a new one if you strayed.


Retro Review: duBEAT-e-o (We’re All Crazy Now), 1984
By Krista Cameron

Ever seen a really bad car accident and try to look away, but you can’t?  This isn’t like that. This is one of the most confusing, fucked up pieces of cinema I’ve seen. It’s kind of like being in a car accident instead, and El Duce is driving and Ray Sharkey is in the other car high as shit.

Marc Bolan

A British television series presented by Marc Bolan ~ 1977
By Krista Cameron

‘Sing me a song that the world can sing along and I’ll show you a song from the heart..’
(from the opening of the MARC television program)