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Peter Blast

Peter Blast
Painting Without Canvas
Reviewed by Jonathan Smith

Chicago native, Peter Blast, has been performing live for over forty-five years. Playing bars by the age of fourteen, he hasn’t looked back since. Peter’s been recording albums under various labels throughout the years. With no sign of slowing down, he just released his ninth LP, “Painting Without Canvas.” Blast has worked with a spectrum of artists in the past. His newest LP includes sublime guest performances, featuring: Willy Schwarz of Tom Waits, Mark Andes of HEART, Bob Lizik of The Brian Wilson Group and Heather Horton.

Joey Pinter

Joey Pinter
Self titled solo LP
Reviewed by Dwight Fried

Respected NYC songwriter, Joey Pinter, never received household namebrand status, like so many of his old C.B.G.B.’s and Max’s Kansas City associates in Blondie, the Ramones, or even the NY Dolls, but underground record collectors, old school people who were there, and in-the-know punk enthusiasts all speak of him with the same glowing, illustrative language most usually reserved for his old friends, Walter Lure and Johnny Thunders. As a lead vocalist, he ain’t no Carl Wilson, more like a punk rock George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

Expired Logic

Expired Logic
“Dissolution Consensus”
CD Review
By Kirsta Cameron

I met Expired Logic outside The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. We were all there for the Kid Congo/Rezillos show. It was a small but dedicated crowd and my friend never showed that was supposed to meet me there. So, while waiting, I chatted up the band, hanging out in front of their tour van. They were on their way to play a date in the bay area.

Ozark Henry

Symphonic shape and 3D Record
The US premiere of “Paramount” in 9.1 3D sound, new album of Ozark Henry.
Review and  Select Photography by Mila Reynaud 

I had the chance to be invited to the exclusive listening session of Avant Gardist musician Ozark Henry ‘s for his new album “Paramount” at the Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles few weeks ago. Piet Goddaer, behind the Ozark Henry artist name, is an eclectic and unclassifiable musician.