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Frank Secich

(-this book review and regularly scheduled rocknroll rant by Geordie Pleathur was filmed live in front of a studio audience…)

“The heat from sewer grates warm my bed
the snow ain’t cold anymore
My feet are so wet
From the holes in my shoes
the shoes that walked out your door
But I don’t care
don’t push me away
You can’t hurt me anymore
Not anymore” (-Jimmy Zero and Stiv Bators)

Todd Rundgren

Todd Rundgren
The Roxy, The Sunset Strip
West Hollywood
By Victoria Joyce
Photos by Victoria

You know what’s crazy? This is crazy. Two weeks ago went to a big old Hippy festival called Lightning in a Bottle in Central California and all the music was EDM aka Electronic Dance Music. Ugh! I couldn’t find anyone who actually likes this stuff – so plastic, contrived, lifeless, and soulless. It’s not real music. More anti-music than music. It hurts to hear it. I don’t care if it’s popular. It’s horrible.

Get back to town and go to see Todd Rundgren at the Roxy. An intimate small venue show with one of the Top Five Rock Genius’s of all time, right? Multi-multi-mega-mega talented singer, musician, songwriter and record producer. And the whole show is guess what? Electronic dance music. Seriously?

Joe Normal

“PURPLE IS MY COLOR” (-Geordie Pleathur thinking about American Music & Joe Normal’s standout new solo CD “CRUDE FOLK”) 
* this regularly scheduled rant and rocknroll review was filmed live in front of a live studio audience…*

Post No Bills

Post No Bills
August  ’15
“the problem is you
What you gonna do” ~  Sex Pistols

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