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New York Junk

(-this regularly scheduled rant and rocknroll review by Geordie Pleathur was filmed live in front of a studio audience…)
In Concert Photography by Alan Rand

The Bouncing Souls

“Sounds Like Home” Premiere’s on the Web with the Bouncing Souls: Let’s Talk Music
Directed by PawL BaZile
Still Photography by Jennyfer Scherrer

“Where are you from?”
“What kind of music do you play?”
“How did where you’re from make you want to play that kind of music?”

Hardcore Superstar

Jocke Berg HCSS (2)Hardcore Superstar
Electric Ballroom
London 15/10/15
Photography & live review: Svenja Block

I am the Satellite

I am the Satellite
By Pawl Bazile

It’s been about a year since I cancelled my satellite radio subscription and I’m a better person for it….. let’s back up…….


You’ve just crossed over the Twilight Zone!
Festival Report by Mila Reynaud

Beach Goth is a two days festival that takes place at The Observatory in Orange County, celebrating predominantly new acts amongst established artists, with a pre-Halloween theme, and hosted by surf rockers The Growlers.