Monthly Archives: February 2016

You Rock Foundation

you-rock-logoYou Rock Foundation “something amazing will happen too.”
Written by PawL Bazile
Photos by Laura Desantis-Olsson
And Morgan Hodgen

Where would we be without our depression?  “We” as in punks, goths, metalheads, homeboys, burnouts, scientists, hippies, painters, actors, freaks, beatniks, writers, playas, storytellers, explorers, mothers, fathers, down to the lowest hipster scum, we all start the same way…

How a Punk Can Vote for Trump in 4 Easy Steps

donald-trumpHow a Punk Can Vote for Trump in 4 Easy Steps
Written by PawL Bazile

The United States is the “Fuck You” country.  The nice way of saying that is “Freedom” and its smeared all over every founding document this country has.  The way I understood punk rock was the worship of freedom and rejection of bullshit with style.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity.  And sometime in my lifetime it got twisted.