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Kim and The Created

Kim and The Created at The Troubadour, let’s go crazy!
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

I’m back to see Kim and the Created one more time, because I didn’t get enough at Deserted at the Palms!!  I think it’s my fifth time seeing this band and it gets better and better with each performance. Another reason to see this band again was because this was their homecoming gig, ending their National Tour and I heard that It will be crazy!! And I got what I wanted, it was Raw! Raw Power! Beer shower included!

Bang! The Bert Berns Story!

bang_post-1Bang! The Bert Berns Story!
Directed by Brett Berns & Bob Sarles
Don’t Knock The Rock Film Festival
The Silent Movie Theater
Los Angeles, CA
August 4th 2016
By Victoria Joyce

“White Soul Brother” is what they called him. Bert Berns wrote and produced “Twist and Shout” for the Isley Brothers that was later covered by The Beatles. It was their biggest hit. He did 50 more. And the “they” mentioned in the first sentence is a Christmas list of rock legends.


Nambucca, London
Live review and photography: Svenja Block

An intimate festival featuring 6 bands, all fronted by fierce, powerful women owning the stage at North London’s famous Holloway Road! These wonderful performers should all be part of the big outdoors summer festivals around the UK and beyond. Maybe Nambucca will be able to negotiate with promoters and set up a stage tent at some point in the not so distant future.

Alice Bag

Alice Bag
The Echo
Los Angeles
Words and Photography by Mila Reynaud

Frank Zappa “Eat That Question”

Always a Freak, Never a Hippie: What I got out of the Frank Zappa Documentary “Eat That Question”
Written by PawL BaziLe

Punk Rock Homework Assign: Watch this film.  Yes, it’s that good, in fact, it’s a masterpiece and agree or disagree with Zappa’s points of view, he made them clear and this film demonstrates how it did it.