Trip Loon

“Foxy Dude” Video
Featuring Hammered Satin
Directed by Trip Loon
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Aric Coppola

The official release of “Foxy Dude” was held up until everybody got back from SXSW, however Hollywood Rockers were treated to a Release Party at the Viper Room on March 6th that included a wild performance by Hammered Satin. Because we are so special. Aren’t you? Yes, you are. You are special.

The look is double retro with glaring psychedelic colors out of the 60s and lots of glitter, lots of skin and lots and lots of blonde hair with smouldering eyes and wet lips and tongues. Children lost in the chaos. A gold glittered curtain in soft focus behind the live performances intercut with goofy scenes of our hero, Noah Wallace (and the Satin’s lead singer) being fed waffles, walking his poodle in a leopard leotard and being auctioned off. Taking the MTV clichés and turning them upside down and kicking them to the curb with a platform boot. Touches of T-Rex, Bowie, the NY Dolls and Alice Cooper.

The song itself is an indictment on shallow appetites, stardom and the deep undying love of the fans until the next one comes along. See ya later. Buh bye. But wait – our hero finds true love and has a full grown baby man with her. Fun, huh?

We got words with video director, Trip Loon, a genuine International Man of Mystery and true Rock and Roll Rebel with messy dredlocks and a dedicated heart to all that is wild and free.

Trip:  “I hate Warped Tour, I hate Hot Topic. I hate all the institutions that brand rock n roll as something gloomy. The reason I do what I do is because I want rock n roll to be glamorous, party spirited, cultured, wild, provocative and larger than life. And right now Hammered Satin is the leading band that represents that”

The Shug: Do you have to love the band or its music or song in order to visualize?

The Trip: If they’re paying me I can give them my professionalism, even if I’m not a fan of the band. But I really think bands should only hire someone who’s enthused about them, you’ll get more out of them that way.

More Tripping: Ideally I produced this video because I want it to be a calling card to interest bands like Juliette Lewis, The Darkness or Gogol Bordello as clients. I would visualize the entire city of Florence for them.

Back to the Shug: Do you have to divorce yourself from the source material and let the video stand on it’s own? Do you storyboard? Or script?

Back to the Trip: Divorcing yourself from the song is directorial suicide. When you’re a writer of a feature length drama, and you’re writing your antagonist, that’s when you divorce yourself and write him fairly and objectively, but then right after that you have to emotionally connect yourself to the material again and breathe your heart and soul into it.

More Tripping: The only time I divorce myself is when I revise my own writing and my own merit before I lock my script, but the act of writing itself and the act of directing itself absolutely not I emotionally connect with everything and everyone.

Trip Some More:  I’ll only storyboard if the shot I want is too complex to explain verbally or on a shot list, otherwise everything is just written out as a shot list. When it comes to production design or wardrobe I just have a look book of references from Google images that I send out to my art department instead of drawing them out.

The Last Trip: Do I script? Yes, absolutely. Everything is thought out and pre-planned and developed until I’m assured that it has enough merit to lock. I never “wing” anything. That being said I’m not rigid when something spontaneous or unplanned happens during the shoot. I take advantage of it and I love it when that happens.

The Shug: Yes, we love it when that happens.

“Foxy Dude” directed by Trip Loon featuring Hammered Satin … watch it NOW !