Barb Wire Dolls

Interview by Rock N’ Write (SugarBuzz OC)

With nothing more than an invitation from KROQ’s Rodney Bingenheimer, Barb Wire Dolls sold all their possessions and moved from their homeland of Greece to Los Angeles California.

 Their first gig was a pay to play show at the world famous Roxy Theater on the Sunset Strip. Through hard work and dedication, as well as a strong belief in themselves, they not only sold their allocated amount of tickets but did the impossible…they sold out the Roxy, unheard of for a band who had never played in Hollywood before and had absolutely no following. From there they began selling out clubs throughout Southern California, and in the seven short months they’ve been here, they went from becoming a band looking for an audience to one of the most sought after bands in the Southern California club scene.

 With their punk as fuck attitude, energetic live stage shows and punk rock anthems such as ”Street Generation”, some will say they are on the forefront of a “new wave of punk” movement. Others will say they ARE the “new wave of the punk” movement. Barb Wire Dolls even have a documentary chronicling their rise to fame, something that is usually reserved for more established acts who have been around for many years. 

What makes them even more unique is that they are not a corporate creation fueled by a huge marketing campaign. Everything they’ve accomplished was done so through dedication, hard work and a strong belief in themselves as individuals and as a band. 

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet the band who will revolutionize the clubs and airwaves…Barb Wire Dolls.