Hammered Satin

Hammered Satin – Video Release Party
The Viper Room, Sunset Strip
West Hollywood, California
By Victoria Joyce
Photography by Alex Kinnan

A very dolled up crowd showed up at the Viper Room on the first Thursday of March 2014 for Hammered Satin’s Video Release Party. Recently back from a European tour and set soon to head back they stopped off long enough to shake the sparkles and sequins out of their hair. But tonight is all about Lights, Camera, Action. And Glam! Hammered Satin’s leader, Noah Wallace is ready for his close up.

On the way into the Viper Room, Rita, Hand Stamp Diva gave us “I’m thinkin this crowd is made of stardust!! Beautiful beyond words, sorta wish it was cool to wear sunglasses indoors! But it’s NOT!!”

Openers The After Hours knocked us out. Wearing matching outfits – black turtlenecks –and haircuts, gave an Old School Classic British Invasion look and the sound was between the Monkees and AC/DC. The rocked us like a hurricane while chewing big wads of pink bubble gum. Teeny Boppers meeting Punk Rockers in the alley, handing a Forty back and forth.

After the After’s sweet set, Hammered Satin’s video flickered on the west wall of the club and necks craned. Done in a tongue-in-cheek, 80s Retro, All Things David Bowie with a splash of The New York Dolls, director, Trip Loon’s video features new song “Foxy Dude” and has all the subtlety of a John Waters film. An early one. In other words, it was Divine.

Noah and his band mates mug the camera, roll their eyes, roll around ladies, take off their clothes – cross-cut with a live performance with the ladies screaming and fainting culminating with a grown up baby man. Hair gets mussed and eye make up smeared. The song is “Foxy Dude.” And he is. Check it out here.

More about that later and an interview with the director; Trip Loon.

The curtains parted and Hammered Satin’s live show was a seamless transition with scarves, satins and spangles with hair down to here flipping and flinging in all directions with blasting rhythms and slanging guitars being bent. Opening songs: “Sugarbabe,” “Interstellar Lady,” and “Lonely Tiger.” Sweet, sparkly, wild and dangerous.

Noah took to the cat-walk and lost the glitter-jacket but kept the satin-fringed scarf and shades. Ten feet tall and all over it, throwing the mic out in lasso loops, very Roger Daltry. Singing in a high falsetto with nifty back up vocals from his crew it was dirty sweet and you’re my girl all the way to Memphis.

Lyrics are abstract, romantic, silly crazy, traditional love-hate, lost-found, I’m gonna getch ya, you bring out the beast in me type stuff. Delivered with non-stop energy, I’m so pretty, very pretty.

Next songs: “Multiple Personality” and “Emily” had a little bit of a Led Z style with loud bang-bang drumming and a bluesy twang. Between-song banter was kept to a minimum. “Hello Viper Room! How ya doing?” Rhetorical. The crowd went crazy.

Finishing up with “Light Speed Driver,” “Intro-Quasar Queen,” and an oldie from Noah’s previous band The Skool Girls, “Rock and Roll Discotek” – a super fun hit that had Noah pulling fans from the crowd on to the cat walk for a rage up-dance finale.

Encore was “Glamorama.” Kind of said it all. Over the top and still climbing.

Fox Cosmetics took over the downstairs for a Glam Make-Over session providing a full service slam-bang night of Glitter and Glam. I could soooo get used to this.

Post-set, Viper Sidewalk interview with Noah Wallace and Guitar Guy Cooper – Listen Here






















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