Brandy Row

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The SugarBuzz Magazine interview with Brandy Row –  select inquiries by Geordie Pleathur
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Brandy Row

The Haunting new single from Brandy Row, ‘Decline Of A Better Man’ has just been released through respected punk rock label No Front Teeth Records June 16th.

Brandy Row has been at the forefront of London’s DIY punk scene for several years and ’Decline Of a Better Man’ sees the inner city poet raise the bar for both the UK folk and punk scene – creating an undeniably immersive experience.

Brandy Row hails from a dead end, post war town but resides in London. The Big Smoke has produced a horde of singer song writers but none with more passion and relevance than this troubadour.  Brandy Row paints a romantic yet decaying portrait of modern society.

The revolution is here.


Where did you grow up, what was your school and family like?

I grew up in a small town on the outskirts of London that historically only has about 60 years to its name the idea being to build a new town with hopes and desire of a fresh social environment to hit the 50′s due to the cities mass destruction post ww2

Growing up as a kid I lived in a council estate your version of the projects my mum worked in a factory and the old man was a milkman (I am the son of a milkman…) I lived next door to a clown and I don’t mean your village idiot, he use to perform magic tricks and drive a mini car around our estate, Weird cause that’s the first time I’ve ever thought about that until now. 
My father left me and ma when I was 5 to take up a professional Career in debauchery an never really to be seen again. Soon after that I had a step-dad who slowly moved in to our lives physically and mentally, he was religious from a Muslim background and as a whole it was quite confusing. The plot thickened from then on out and my mother was murdered and my step-dad went to jail when I was 14. That set a milestone in my life an overnight I started to see the world differently realizing more than ever it was a survival conquest, dog eat dog, my wits sharpened an I bought myself up from there and quickly moved to the city. I went to a catholic school before that, not for very long though, it didn’t seem to make much sense, it felt more like a nuthouse. As soon as I saw an escape route I was onward bound to the city!

When did you first know you were a punk? Early introductions to rocknroll? What were the standout experiences, bands, lp’s that lit the flame?

My first introduction’s to rock n roll were from the word go Being born into a rock n roll household endless vinyl and posters on every wall although my parents were punks they were strong collectors of every type of movement my mother was a 60′s beatnik mod before punk hit and my father played in a band that later were managed by Rat Scabies from The Dammned in 78 and they are still playing apparently, so i didn’t know any different I felt extremely lucky to have access to such a large quantity of rebel rock from all generations and era’s from the 30′s to the 80′s I felt like i had found a secret that nobody my age knew about. By 8/9 I was already dressing like a rock n roller and turning heads in the streets with the help of my ma’s encouragement and her old clothes! haha. People thought we were weird…and we were!

Discuss the origins of the Gaggers-I noticed in an interview, you guys mentioned Teenage Head, I seldom meet anyone hip to them. How did you find other people still into that kind of music? Forgotten Rebels? What have been some highlights of the Gaggers experience, thus far? Describe the other gents in that band.

The gaggers oh the gaggers is the funniest most prolific productive groups I’ve been in to date and mine and Marco from no front teeth aka terminal gaggers love child its hard finding someone you gel with so well musically, Me and terminal got together and instantly started writing he is a talented man and we both had a quick way of expressing ourselves I churned out the music and some of the words and he stuck most of the words over the top. The gaggers really made itself; it was organic, natural and retarded! We were later joined by my amigo bushy signal aka Shaun Clark who has accompanied me in nearly every band I’ve been in from the blow-outs, the truebadours even my first band the seminals to play drums in the gaggers rather than guitar although he is a complete muso and plays every instrument better than i could ever dream of another raw talent, we were later joined by rudy retch who hadn’t played music before we were good friends for a while and me and terminal thought he would be a good asset to the group so i spent about 6 months teaching him how to play the bass and then the rest is history We have been bashing out records since then. We have just released our 2nd album – ”Blame You”

Do you have an organization supporting your endeavors, now? Management/booking-agent, etc? Who does your videos?

I have indeed worked with an array of different organizations and managers but this is the new world and the height of the virtual age to date and for the first time in history it seems you can kinda do things on your own, I pretty much do it all on my own. Well the last 2 videos (THE DRIFTER) & (DECLINE) have been directed by a very talented man called Brendan Cleaves, I come with the ideas and he tells me what’s realist and puts it life!

Please discuss the Truebadours, who all is in that band, and how you effectively preside over so many operations, rally all those different musicians together and reign-in all those different talents and personalities under one black flag? Americans are so sports-minded and competitive, rat-racing to the red-light, I can’t imagine Americans cooperating long enough to create something like the Truebadours.

The Truebadours reign fell under siege before it had even reared its beautiful head, which is a shame. We kinda imploded after going so fast with momentum. It was hard getting 10 people to all share the same drive but what we did create was golden and a timeless one hit wonder that I am forever proud of. We of course had a whole written album but unfortunately only recorded one song. We could of continued with fewer members but the thing is although it was called brandy row & the truebadours and i did write all the material every single member was irreplaceable.

Favorite American bands?

erm I will tell ya my favourite american! bill hicks!

Who’s putting out your single, “Crazy World” What are the Lyrics to that song?

as soon as my feet touch the ground
i get turned upside down
the hands of time
are clenching onto
photo (2) 2the gates of steel
only to reveal
ideological devastation that’s captivating
the whole damned nation
where the crystal balls they feel with blood
now the righteous words are misunderstood

it’s a crazy world.

as soon as my feet touch the ground
i get turned upside down
she told me we were an eternal flame
resilient to the hostile rain
well a lie is a lie
but i told the truth
lovesick acknowledgment is our proof
that the crystal balls shattered like faith
that were the very foundations to solidify our fate

it’s a crazy world

nobody’s getting out of here alive
join the resistance, lets survive not all the renegades are deprived
nobody’s getting out of here alive
join the resistance, lets survive not all the renegades are deprived

it’s a crazy world my friends and you know it don’t make much sense
it’s a crazy world my friends and were living it till thee end
it’s a crazy world for me and you

N.F.T. records! On the 16th of June! Its a double a side record –  ”Decline of a Better Man” and ”Crazy World”

Name some books a smart, rebellious, critically-thinking teenager should read.

At the moment I’ve got 4 books on the go – 1984, Geek Love, Bill Hicks Biography and The Bob Dylan Chronicles. Don’t Believe everything you read even the stuff that appears to be true! question everything even question the questions that question the questions!  john waters has a great quote while we are on the book subject – ”we need to make books cool again, if you go home with somebody and they don’t have books DONT FUCK THEM!”

Religion & Politics?

I am political in the sense that politics affect my life and there are a lot of things that i don’t like and I try to change. There are also lots things that we don’t choose or have any answers like the question of existence? I’ve had people try to brainwash me all my life, my retaliation to all of that resulted in becoming an atheist at an early age I’ve even been heavily into conspiracies but at the end of the day I don’t really believe in anything apart from myself and the here and now sure your ego can hang on to the hope of somehow there being an eternal life immortal salvation when all is said and done an after life if you will. But still nothing has ever been proven nothing has ever been solidified humanity hasn’t even explored space yet in the grand scheme of things we are so insignificant but so significant in every way but still no answers haha. I’m just waiting for someone to prove me wrong! Until then lets watch humanity destroy itself in the name of some fundamental argument which is outdated in todays society, but maybe that’s the way its gotta be and Sweet Tranquility is only something we can find in ourselves. But hey its not all that Bleak huh? WE’RE ALL STILL ALIVE RIGHT?

What does the future hold for Brandy Row?

New single ”Decline of a Better Man” and ”Crazy World” is released on Monday the 16th of June Along side the music video for Decline.

Back to the USA In Sept. to tour the east coast, I have a big Tour coming up in the UK in Aug. But I can’t say too much about that now, more will be revealed.

Gonna head up to Birmingham very soon to record a brand new single ”Walking On a Razors Edge” and “Consolidated” with 2 Of my favourite people to work with, Ash Sheehan and Mark’ ‘Topper ”Gittins.

Brand new Music Video for Crazy World coming soon.

Japan tour dates coming up! all this can be found on my website – or Facebook instagram the lot!

Keep on keeping on! Thanks for having me SugarBuzz!
Brandy Row