Choking Susan – Interview

Conversations with Colleen Caffeine and Paul Lunsford
The Choking Susan Interview
Hosted by Lucky (SugarBuzz Hollywood)
Photography by Chryss “ButterknYfe” O’Raidy

Recently, Choking Susan graced a stage in Los Angeles, California as part of a whirlwind west coast tour. After a rabble rousing set that was reviewed in SugarBuzz several weeks ago, Lucky had the pleasure of sitting down with Colleen and Paul for an impromptu chat with surprising results. The statute of limitations has passed and now we feel somewhat safe in revealing to you……..

The Choking Susan interview ….. click here to listen !!!!!!

(Editor’s Note : There is a rumor that a video of this interview is circulating somewhere down in the Long Beach area. If SugarBuzz can ever get a copy, we will post it here.)