Dennis Morris “The Bollocks”

Dennis Morris
The Bollocks
Known Gallery
Los Angeles
By Mila Reynaud
Photography by Mila Reynaud

Dennis Morris “The Bollocks” photo exhibition is on now at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles.  This is the second round The Known Gallery has hosted for Dennis’s work with the infamous punk band The Sex Pistols. “The Bollocks” show is running till August 23, 2014

Dennis Morris is a British based visual artist in the music industry most recognized for his image work with Bob Marley, The Sex Pistols, and PIL. He has also done some iconic visuals such as the Marianne Faithfull “Broken English” album cover, the Public Image Limited logo and the Metal Box album concept.

For his second show at the Known Gallery, Dennis is displaying the year “77″ including The Sex Pistols (Vicious Time) stage and backstage shots. Dennis Morris had been the Sex Pistols’ official photographer, and documented the Pistols till the peak of their notoriety. All fans of punk music have seen his iconic photos of Sid Vicious, he immortalized him with his spiked hair, leather jacket and lock necklace as a punk rock icon! More than that, it has become today’s absolute punk look !!

The Dennis Morris photographic contribution is inevitable in the British punk music history. The opening was private and pretty fun, and some punk rock icons were there such as Billy Idol and Taquila Mockingbird, Rodney Bingenheimer.  It was amazing to hear epic stories by some of them.

This is a fantastic exhibition; the Kodak Silver metallic prints are killing by the size and the high-quality work of this photographer. If you love the Sex Pistols and the music photography… Don’t miss it!!