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topbanner4“HOODLUM THUNDER!” KNIF VS. THE ANTI-ROCK CONSPIRACY! (-media amateur, Geordie Pleathur, talks with the imminently rising, rebel guitar hero and underground music scenemaker, DEANE CLAPPER of KNIF!)

“Establishment journalists and media stars are not on the outside of the establishment, they are members of the establishment. They work for the largest corporations. They live in Washington. Socio-economically, their colleagues and partners and family members are people within the government, within the establishment. And what they want to do is to protect and defend the establishment, more than anything else. To protect the idea that the establishment is functioning properly. And so, their interest is to minimize the public anger and the public rage. (- Glenn Greenwald )

“You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” (- CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. “Katherine The Great,” by Deborah Davis New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

“It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.” (- John Stockwell, CIA official in the 1960s and 1970s)

“If I am traitor, who did I betray? I gave all my information to the American public, to American journalists who are reporting on American issues. If they see that as treason, I think people really need to consider who they think they’re working for. The public is supposed to be their boss, not their enemy. Beyond that as far as my personal safety, I’ll never be fully safe until these systems have changed.” (-Edward Snowden)

“If the Agency [CIA] actually reported the truth about the Third World, what would it say? It would say that the United States installs foreign leaders, arms their armies, and empowers their police all to help those leaders repress an angry, defiant people; that the CIA-empowered leaders represent only a small faction who kill, torture, and impoverish their own people to maintain their position of privilege.” (- Ralph McGehee in his book “Deadly Deceits”)

“Almost from the beginning, the CIA engaged not only in the collection of intelligence information, but also in covert operations which involved rigging elections and manipulating labor unions abroad, carrying on paramilitary operations, overturning governments, assassinating foreign officials, protecting former Nazis and lying to Congress.” (- former Senator George McGovern, 1987)

“There’s no doubt, we’ve got the three basic tendencies of our neo-liberal society now, which is to financialize, to militarize, and to privatize, and we saw the militarizing in this case of the local police…But that militarizing is in some ways a peak of an iceberg: You got national surveillance, you got national security, keeping track of all of us, making it difficult to have any kind of genuine privacy, and then the ability to bring in such highly weaponized and militarized entities…. It looked like tanks, it looked like Baghdad in that sense. And it’s been in place, of course, since 9/11, under both Republican and Democratic administrations.” (-Dr. Cornel West)

“In every country, embassies are used for spying. So, it would be dumb for a country to put its real intelligence-gathering officers inside an embassy or consulate or attaché’, because that is the first place a hosting nation is going to look for spies. So, the number one place the United States and other countries place their intelligence-gathering officers and informants is NGOs. In Russia, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and elsewhere in the world, United States’ NGOs – over 90% of them – are operations bases for the CIA.” (- Sibel Edmonds)

“If deliberate distortion of reality by corporate media could be effectively prosecuted in the United States, the entire industry would be behind bars.”(- Cynthia McKinney)

“The mainsteam media’s view of the world is much the same as the view from the State Department and the Pentagon.” (- Michael Parenti in Cynthia_McKinneyhis book “Contrary Notions”)

“Now ISIS is making headlines, and the US, in response, is plotting a new expansion of the ‘war on terror’ — which has been the very mechanism through which these terror organizations have flourished. As provocative and gruesome as ISIS’ tactics are, we must make sure that our response to violent groups around the world does not send us spinning into another disastrous cycle of intervention, occupation, insurgency, deaths of innocent civilians, and the subsequent emboldening of more terrorism. Backing terrorists to help bring about regime change results in perpetual war and a staggering national debt. We must resist the illusion that the only ‘decisive’ response to terrorism is bombing. Instead, we should begin to confront ISIS by drying up its sources of revenue from places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Allies in the region must share responsibility. It has been thirteen years since 9/11. It has been thirteen years since President Bush’s instigation of the ‘Global War on Terror’. This failed strategy has brought chaos and terror to countries which had no capability of attacking us. The GWOT subsequently created more, not less, risk to America’s long term security. Here is what we need to do:
Stop creating wars.
Stop funding and arming mercenaries.
Stop causing abject chaos by ‘liberating’ countries and delivering them to illegitimate non-state actors, i.e. terrorists.
Stop NATO and other Western front groups from promoting neo-conservative agendas which lust for empire, for control of oil and gas resources, and which bait countries into conflict to cause an increase in arms trade.
Stop playing the naïve fool and falling for the theater of propaganda while interest groups and arms dealers stand at the cash register.
America must transition to a new domestic economic model that does not rely on a military industrial complex and arms manufacturing in every Congressional district in order to function.
Only then can we embark on a new path of strong and patient diplomacy, working together with the community of nations to address security challenges, letting our allies take responsibility for regional security, being willing to talk to anyone in the cause of stability, and setting aside stale, ideological doctrines of intervention.
In the weeks and months ahead, when our leaders are calling for military strikes, without considering the consequences or knowing the end game, let’s remember our recent history.
We have to be aware that Western intervention had something to do with creation of ISIS. ISIS did not just magically appear in Mosul. It had been around for years, under various names, gathering resources that United States was sending in…to Iraq, gathering resources the US was sending into Syria. They have gamed, essentially, the U.S.’ willingness to arm rebels in Syria, to send more arms into Iraq at a time when we think that we’re helping. Actually there’s been blowback, and it hasn’t worked out very well. My own opinion is, if we were to attack Syria we would only make ISIS stronger.” (-Dennis Kucinich)

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.” (-Mark Twain)

“You wanna talk about the real junk?” (-Lux Interior)


Some of youse may remember way back in the Brit Pop era, when grunge superstars, Pearl Jam, righteously stood up to the price-gouging ticket monopolies, underground heroes-Electric Frankenstein used to talk about “the Anti-Rock Conspiracy”, and how monolithic media monopolies had tightened up playlists on radio, stopped showing rebellious rock music on television entirely, and bought up all the little companies who still enabled us working class guttersnipes to enjoy a thriving, D.I.Y., primitive punknroll music scene via the old Black Flag college radio indie-circuit and mom ‘n’ pop record store network and little print mags like “Flipside” and “Maximum Rocknroll”, until some upwardly mobilized greedhead distributors, advertising whores, non-stop media monopoly consolidations, and rich, brand name, ex punks kinda killed the fun for everybody, by going all V.I.P. room, when the corporate punk bobblehead thing and Warped tours took off. Since all that horrible Offspring/Blink 182 style Orange County jock pop-punk made punk into a tedious Hot Topic cash-cow mall brand that all sounds like whiny Avril Lavigne kiddie pop, there have been many competent, raw powered, drunk rock bands still thanklessly treadin’ the boards, but unless your show-biz uncle bought you a recording studio, or your actor parents pay for your big amps and tailored leather strides for showcase gigs at the Viper Room, chances are, your badly tattooed scuzzlord buzzband ain’t exactly gettin’ exposed to a broad audience, because real rocknroll really has been vanquished from the airwaves, beyond perhaps, half a dozen tiny blogs and podcasts and webzines, like this one. Print media is dead, here. No places to play, if you aren’t a trust funder, or aging celebutaunte, who got lucky with your joke band in the seventies. Only reductive Spinal Tap joke bands like Steel Panther and the Darkness exist in the glossy magazines. No little boutique labels remain, particularly not, if you ain’t posh enough to tour. I hear there are some cool remaining radio shows, if you have satellite radio, but I don’t. Dirty, emotional rocknroll with soul has been Ghettofied again. Just like actual journalism-even big names are blacklisted from the consolidated media for uttering any meaningful truth, whatsoever. Phil Donahue, Cenk from The Young Turks, Dan Rather, the list is long of reporters banished from high visibility by the war manufacturing parent company for straying from the dominant narrative. Power elites glorify imperialism, carnage, wholesale slaughter and simply dress it all up with a new advertising slogan each season. Privatized profits and socialized losses, shutup and obey, on two dollars a day, or the brute enforcer class will treat you like a Palestinian orphan. The IDF, in fact, trains yokel cops at Urban Shield military hardware conventions. The cops have become Judge Dredd. You have the right to make a sign and peacefully assemble in public spaces to air your grievances, but the smelly uniformed men in badges and helmets have the right to truncheon, taser, or kill you, beat you senseless, and charge you with “assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest” after leaving a bruise of a handprint on your breast before dragging you to jail. They always get off, too. Everytime. Cops kill unarmed citizens and talk radio drags the victim’s names through the muck. Even if you cower indoors, your door may be rammed down at any moment, under the cover of the ridiculously bogus “war on drugs”. SWAT teams attack organic farms and aim guns at Amish raw milk drinkers. Shoot ten year old children with Autism saying they “don’t have time for this”. Insanity prevails in the soldout, Post-Constitutional, Battlefield Amerikkka. The merciless elites rule us with heavy-handed uber-violence and fear. Kids with knitted hats and magic markers and ZZ Top beards and I-Pads are no match for controlled-media, the surveillance grid, and heavily armed enforcers with high-tech terror toys, trained by skilled agents of a foreign government in balls-out tyranny and oppression. How were we to know, back in the flamboyant eighties and careless nineties, how much worse it was gonna suck, once the entire media became a big, fat, totally weaponized, oligarchical, psy-ops echo chamber for endless war and extremist police state propaganda? We were all bitching about how everything sucked, way back when we all still lived downtown and had record players and musical instruments and leather jackets and elaborate vinyl collections and rare books and cool furniture and even spare change from our shitty record store jobs to buy Cramps concert tickets, Dogs D’Amour t shirts and all the latest forty-fives by Teengenerate and Guitar Wolf and the Tommyknockers and Bebe Buell and and the Creamers and Electric Frankenstein and the Humpers and the Devil Dogs and Pleasure Fuckers and Miniskirt Mob and Fur and the Mummies! When we all had that NY LOOSE cover of “FLIPSIDE” magazine taped to our wall and went to shows almost evey night of the week and auditioned countless metalhead drummers for our ill-fated, Motorcycle Boy and Sea Hags influenced glam bands and all chipped in for practice spaces, back then. On weekends we’d play shitty bars, or tiny basement parties, boy’s clubs on bad bills with skinheads, or hick-ass bonfires. Weeknights, we’d convene at some wayward guitar player’s still affordable, hole in the wall, bachelor apartment, to make fliers for our shows, out of glue-stick, smut, and old “Famous Monsters”, or “Fangoria” or “Eerie” magazines. Whenever we’d have enough money for gas, we’d pile into a shitty old spraypainted car and lightout for big city kicks and to buy our Slaughter & The Dogs, Vibrators, or Damned t-shirts from Trash & Vaudeville. KNIF guitar slinga, Deane “13″ Clapper, was a regular at C.B.G.B.’s and Coney Island High and the Green Door parties and the Continental back in the day-he helped document many historically significant performances on video that you have doubtlessly enjoyed on youube, and contributed photos to one of the most vivid and seminal fanzines of the gutter glam and punknroll era. Ahhh…to be whip thin and care free again! Deane and I bonded over our mutual love of creepy B-Movie cult-ure and the Animal House Soul and contagious singalong merriment of the “RENT PARTY”-era, classic, WALDOS line-up. They were a party, a spectacle, they had the personalities, the atmosphere, and the songs. One of the last good bands belched forth by that stinky, steamy city, before it all went wrong. Now, it’s a hideously Disneyfied, laughably over-priced playground for bankers and bankster progeny, but before it was gentrified by Giuliani’s broken window theory, stop and frisk cops, and ferocious real estate jackals, the Lower East Side was home to the wild spirit of real Bohemia. I remember thinking it could not get worse then when all those upwardly mobile, university educated yuppies formed all those “No Depression” faux country bands, in the early nineties. I remember when Radiohead and Ryan Adams and Wilco seemed, just, insufferably formulaic, paid-for, and pretentiously artsy fartsy, I could not have predicted Coldplay or Arcade Fire. Oh, man. All those “ironic” rich kid “Spin” magazine festival bands always made me wanna puke. The terrible, mumbling sons of Michael Stipe and Beck and the Beastie Boys. Bleccchhh! Now, the military industrial complex rules the radio and tv, the war-puppets tell us that Lady Gaga and Katy Perry make relevant music, even though that Pharrell “Happy” song is the audio equivalent of Fabreeze! A famous Seattle rockstar’s beautiful widow asked me why I’m not ranting about rocknroll for “Rolling Stone” and I told her, it’s ’cause I don’t cash bigarssed checks to help legitimize Britney Spears and Robin Thicke and Taylor Swift. Like Russel Brand says, even the so called “liberal media” push the far rightwing, globalist, corporate agenda. Who do you think signs millionaire Rachel Maddow’s paychecks? Even public radio parrots military industrial complex daily talking points. The NSA spies on our private communications and shares all our information with corporate scumbags and foreign governments. Headlines scare us shitless with all that non-stop fear porn, false flags, cover ups and disinformation. “Terror Tunnels! Immigrants! Looters! Putin! Chavez! Saddam! WMD’s! Bin Ladin! Assad! ISIS! Ebola! West Nile Virus! Missing Planes! Beheadings! Cave-dwellers with box-cutters!”

Meanwhile, right here, in Main Street, USA, the morally bankrupt, invisible empire is pumping us full of fear of symbolic others, while fracking up the water supply; poisoning the prohibitively expensive modified food with bad chemicals like Aspartame; cutting and gutting our public schools in a push to privatize; bulldozing all the affordable housing, Gaza style, to build more condos for the rich; while hypermilitarized thug, stormtrooper cops indiscriminately kill kids and dogs, the elderly and disabled; always with total impunity, and the overpaid hacks, flacks, lapdogs, and blowhard media-pros of the police state always, always narrowly frame the debate (“welfare, lobster, drugs”) and demonize their victims on hate-radio. Right when the eyes of the world were finally on the bombed out schools and hospitals and thousands of homeless and dead kids in Gaza; and unarmed teens shot dead by racist cops in Ferguson; with impeccable timing, these black clad ISIS guys are trotted out like Scooby Doo bad guys, waving big samurai swords. After all the lies we’ve heard these past 15 years, we gotta ask some questions about who finances these suspiciously media savvy, masked men in expensive motorcades, who showed up, Johnny-On-The-Spot, in a puff of smoke and a flash o’ light, with perfect timing? A shiny new Muslim threat is declared by the war machine, and McCain and Graham and Evil Dick and Hillary and all the usual cheerleaders for war are saying this is the most dangerous menace EVER, and Obama echoes Netanyahu declaring that it will “take years” to vanquish this new enemy of our fracking operations and freedom fries. Plus, the Western press has obediently adopted this entirely dubious narrative about Putin invading the Ukraine, when really, the West installed a puppet government and the people rose up to fight the neo nazi coup. It’s an irreparably fucked up world, where half the country still believes the masked, mystery, marauding, Muslim boogeymen hate us for our “freedom” to piss in a cup for a back breaking, dead end, minimum wage job. Murkkka, where we root for war, like it’s sports, recite our indoctrinated script, we all know all the excuses for uniformed killers, by heart. Geraldo Rivera says we should not wear hoodies or baggy pants, or we should expect to be gunned down. Bill O’Reilly blames rap music for society’s ills. The powerful have a right to defend themselves from the powerless, we are told over and over and over again. Paris Hilton goes on late night talk shows and claims she is a “workaholic”. Adults have serious conversations about “reality shows” and violent video games and rich housewives on tv programming that only ever shows actual poor people when they are shirtless and being arrested in trailer parks on “Cops”. Each day, Sean Hannity and dozens of radio talkshows tells us it’s those dastardly, Mexican anchor babies and refugee children, who are are coming for our minimum wage, big-box, retail jobs so we should support the notion of “family detention centers” when we are told there’s a “border crisis”; and how those scary, jaywalking, black people just wanna steal more tennis shoes and cigars, etc., etc. Middle class white people, sadly, still watch cable and Faux fraudcasters push racism and classism, 24/7. And talentless, say-nothing, “mainstream celebrities” like Kanye and the Kardashians dominate our “news”.

Everybody knows what some thong wearing, boob jobbed, idle heiress had for breakfast in Ibiza, but only about a hand full of decent bands still get seen or heard, by ANYBODY, unless you’re a hedge fund manager who can still afford to live in NYC, and pay a hundred bucks to go see Ian Hunter or Glen Matlock, at that tony Winery, ya know? All the cool bands have been pushed back underground. Hollywood has the Hangmen and Captain Zapped and Shiteland Ponies and Moonchasers and Dirty Eyes and Wooly Bandits and the Crazy Squeeze. England has the Boys and the Only Ones, the Godfathers and Tango Pirates and the Jim Jones Revue and Black Bombers and Bermondsey Joyriders. Canada has the 222′s, Throbbing Purple, and Trash Gallery. NYC has the Love Pirates and NY JUNK. Australia has Beasts Of Bourbon. While those slick, smarmy, “Spin” and “Rolling Stone” writers still wanna tell you more about those rich dudes in the Strokes and whatever Miley Cyrus is, or isn’t, wearing, I’m only here to help introduce you last few, discerning, defiant, dieharder, rocknroll rebels and record collecting raunch-mongrels to KNIF!

KNIF are too tough to die renegade greasers who should be touring with the LOVESORES and ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN. Opening up on big bills for kindred spirits, like say, the Supersuckers, or Cheetah Chrome and Street Walkin’ Cheetahs…You feel me? KNIF are untamed punknroll outcasts, roaring through the rainslick streets on chopped down hogs in search of desperate kix! Highwire struttin’ skull spark jokers whose rabid, reckless, insatiable audiences always end up in a desperately wet, after hours heap of missing Creepers, sweaty bodies, Thunderbird, and Murray’s pomade. Just like in the dangerous early days of NYC streetpunk, one never knows if Deane’s band of thrill seeking chaos gluttons will inspire a topless throng of pin-up girls to continue partying when the bar closes in the alleyways deep into mid-day, before collapsing at someone’s bohemian love pad, with the wall-sized “Creature From The Black Lagoon” poster on the wall, or will the ambulances arrive to rescue one of our fearless fringe dwellers from the literal edge? The incorrigible rogues of KNIF steal gangs of foxy women in black latex and initiate them into the blue eyeshadowed, stardusted, after-hours pack, like mad dog conquistadors from Planet Girl! All the exotic dancers down at the 8-Ball Lounge tell me that KNIF are the MOSTEST! KNIF songs celebrate the cycle jungle of hot steel and raw flesh, fishnets and cigarettes, silver sequined trousers, red cowboy boots, and hollowbody guitars! Wakin’ up with stripper glitter and a stranger’s false eyelashes stuck to yer ugly blue dragon tattoo. They are blood and guts barbarians on hot, fiery wheels of leather and chrome and angry Chuck Berry stoned riffage. The roar of the crowd is their wakeup call, the lip of the stage is their killing ground. The timeless scream of a pillaged Johnny Thunders lick is their battle cry. They are White Russian guzzling, Deadboys influenced, ducktailed Daddy-O’s, mad dogs and hellraisers, hunting down fiendish glory with a silver flask in their hip pocket, a rattlesnake suitcase under their arm, and a quarter ton of steel between their legs. Hell’s chosen few, dead men talking, born losers on one hell of a pub crawl, singing hymns that Screamin Jay Hawkins taught them! One thing I really love about Deane 13, is that even though he’s seen way more then his fair share of trials and tribulations, hardships and heartaches, even heart attacks, he always stays upbeat and has a kind word for others, he’s a true badass in a nation full of perfumed posers. Gene Simmons brags about Dylan borrowing the kabuki make-up idea for his Rolling Thunder Revue, but the legendary JOEY PINTER of the Waldos and Knots fame is tempted to purloin some of Deane Clapper’s stage moves: “I was trying to think of a way to add interest to a set, I remember Clapton in his drinking days-was thinking it would be cool to fall face down, on stage, but a heart attack tops it all, can I use that?”

For real. You thought YOUR town’s home grown Ramones clones rocked hard? Some people think Steel Panther shooting silly string, or Hammered Satin’s shiny bellbottoms are like the ultimate in shock rock theatrics. You should see KNIF’s commitment to dangerous rock action, they hear them sirens WAIL. Talk about a flair for the dramatic.

If you feel zero nostalgia for nineties nu-metal, if you are sick to your guts of sunny girlfriend models with ukeleles and lacy, vintage dresses who sing in coy, elven, voices and get photographed regularly with Sean Lennon; millionaire kid, whiteboy rappers and techno d.j.’s, rapmetal dorks who are influenced by cornrowed Axl Rose, Korn, AND Eminem….If you ain’t paying twenty bucks to go see some insufferably trendy Casio duo in pink leg warmers and ski goggles preening at the Guido Lounge where all the local hips drink Red Bull and try to dress like that skinny actress chick whose naked pictures got hacked and Devendra Banhart….KNIF may be the old school rocknroll scumbags you’ve been waiting for. Farout Frankensteins from the other side of the tracks. Acceleration is their only code. Rock savagery is their way of life! KNIF are the 70′s glam damaged, switchblade wielding, Motorhead hot rod punks your pastor warned you about! If you liked D-Generation, New Bomb Turks, or the Dictators, Lazy Cowgirls, the Bullies, the Joneses, Cherry 13, or the Candy Snatchers, you’ll love KNIF! They don’t wear sweater vests.

(-interview by Geordie Pleathur)

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Who were your corrupting early influences?

DEANE CLAPPER: That’s easy, Growing up in the early and late sixties in Newburgh, NY, I had so many.. between TV, Magazines etc. The main influences were Rat Fink, Weird Oh’s, Monsters and MAD Magazine. I loved anything who’s tongue was out and eyes were bulging. Even the breakfast cereal had monsters and prizes. On Friday nights with your allowance, You could buy your Model Kits, Magazines etc and on the way out buy rubber jigglers with the change.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: When did you first know you were doomed to be a rocker?

DEANE CLAPPER: Probably when all of my schoolbook covers changed from Dogtown Skates logos to band logos. Then I stopped going outside because all I wanted to do was listen to these songs that were in my head all day at school. One Friday night I went to the Firehouse for a Dance. There was a band and they played this Great song about Drugs. The next day I ran to the Record store and read the Top 100. I found Roxy Music “Love is The Drug”. I got it home and knew right away this wasn’t the song. I still played it over and over, and Love it to this day. (The song I was Looking for was “White Punks On Dope” The Tubes).

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: When did you first discover Kiss? Johnny Thunders & The Heartbreakers?

DEANE CLAPPER: I saw the KISS ALIVE album at the same store I used to buy my Model kits ,etc.

I had to have it. I would stare at the cover at every red light. I didn’t dare open the plastic until I got home as I was told there was stuff inside. I moved the stack of albums my folks had left on the Hi-Fi. I plugged in the headphones that looked like two big bagels and it was all over.

The Heartbreakers came after my KISS obsession. I knew there was something New, Great and far more aggressive than what I had been listening too. Again, I got THAT feeling when you first hear a band you know you are gonna LOVE !!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did you discover the Waldos? What were some highlights from all those shows you saw and filmed?

DEANE CLAPPER: I don’t really remember which band I saw first. Both bands meant so much to me and still do. They used to play a lot together here in Philly and NYC. There was a band here in Philly called Dandelion. They had an old warehouse somewhere in Philly where they lived and rehearsed. They did a show with D-Generation there. It was probably my most memorable show. So much energy , they blew the fuses two or three times!! Just an AMAZING Band !!!

Around that same time the WALDOS seemed to be around a lot. I was lucky enough to become great friends with Tony Coiro. Tony was the one who called and told me that John had passed…One regret, Tony called and asked if I’d help clean out his Basement the following weekend. He had tons of old flyers, posters etc. He told me I could have whatever I wanted….I Didn’t Go.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Like me, you’ve known a lot of people who have died young-how do you keep so positive?

DEANE CLAPPER: Well, I don’t think it is something to dwell on. Sure it’s sad when it happens, but I think the type of people we’ve surrounded ourselves with would rather be celebrated than mourned !!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Memories of D-Generation?

DEANE CLAPPER: I would always try and film D-Generation any chance I got. One night at C.B.G.B.’s NYC the lineup was , The Waldo’s D-Generation and Gunfire Dance. I was low on batteries and had never seen Gunfire Dance, I decided to video tape them instead.

D-Generation put on the show of a Lifetime !!! Jesse closed the show by ripping open a goose down pillow!! Those feathers stuck to everything !! But I did get some AMAZING footage of Gunfire Dance!! The D-Generation Guys have always been so nice to me. A few Months ago, Richard Bauccus accepted my son’s friend request on Facebook. I wrote to thank him and he says, “Wait , This is Jake from the Tearaways Dad??” Haha!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Isn’t your son also a guitar player? Tell me about him!

DEANE CLAPPER: He Is !! Jake is really good for his age. He Loves the Libertines so he learned much more advanced chords to play those songs. I still smile when I hear D-Generation or Heartbreakers songs coming from his room!!! He’s been struggling to put his band the Tearaways together. Maybe this year, since he will be going to high school!!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did you finally manage to pull such a cool band together at our advanced age?

DEANE CLAPPER: Well, Steve Sherk and I have been Friends for around 13 years. We had discussed and wrote for a couple of bands over the years. One band was the SS, Steve’s initials. There was a store nearby where this crazy old man sold old military Gear. Coats, hats etc. So we were going to buy all of this old Military Gear and go out and play… It’s probably good nothing happened with that.

The other was a band called “the Sharon Tates”. I think one of us went to play with an old project or something. I had immersed myself in obscure 50′s and 60′s, it was oddly the only thing new to me. I wanted to start playing this stuff with a little muscle. I just kept writing and writing until This thing was our own and different than anything out there right now. I think it’s more fun now. No issues, No Drama, its better at an older age !!!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Tell me about the other members of KNIF and the secret origins of the band…

DEANE CLAPPER: Well, We had a couple of drummers before Chloe; but they didn’t fit. Steve and I weren’t happy. The funny thing is that I was on Facebook one night and saw a photo pop up of a girl I know, with this other girl, in a Walter Lure Shirt. I asked who she was and it was Chloe.

A couple of weeks later Steve put out on Facebook that we needed a drummer and a girl he knows tagged Chloe. A couple of weeks later, She’s part of the family.

Now we had Chloe with us, and the bass player didn’t fit. Nice guy, he just didn’t fit. Steve called Tom to come play with us and Boom!! That was it !! I don’t think I’ve told the old bass player yet….

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: How did Hanoi Rocks and the NY Dolls affect you as a delinquent rocknrolla?

DEANE CLAPPER: The Dolls and Hanoi Rocks had A HUGE influence on me. I, like thousands of other guys, wanted to play like Johnny Thunders. It’s the real simplicity behind the Chaos. Hanoi Rocks weren’t trying to re-invent the wheel. It was just early Rock and Roll… Chuck Berry, Little Richard riffs. That really is all we do in KNIF, We just don’t hide it as well.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Haven’t you been playing some high profile shows lately? Do you feel like you’ve been “discovered” yet?

DEANE CLAPPER: We opened for Sloppy Seconds back in June. We were booked to open for Dictators NYC at the Brighton Bar, and The Members at JC Dobbs in Philly. Then because of my heart problem, unfortunately, we weren’t able to play those shows.

No, I don’t feel we have been discovered yet. We are doing quite well for only playing a handful of shows.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Do you have a label? Get Hip or somebody, puttin’ this cool stuff out, yet?

DEANE CLAPPER: No Label yet!! I have always LOVED the stuff Get Hip Put out !! Contact us !!!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What have been some of the high watermarks of the KNIF adventure thusfar….?

DEANE CLAPPER: Well like I said we have only played a handful of shows but the reaction has been AMAZING !!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What the HELL happened with you having a heart attack ONSTAGE? Tell that story…

DEANE CLAPPER: We were doing a show at Chloe’s Record store With the DROOGETTES and the MISSLE TOADS. The DROOGETTES had a Kickstarter campaign for a new Cartoon “Chloe and the STARS”. The Missle Toads did an Amazing set. We were up next I felt fine. 2nd verse of the 2nd song (Wind Up Dead) I just Fell over!! Luckily I had some good friends at the front of the stage who held my hands and and propped my head up from the edge of the stage.

Lindsay Leiper from the Missle Toads gave me CPR and didn’t give up !! I was taken to the hospital after dying 2 or 3 times. I’m told I flat-lined for up to 20 minutes!!

I woke up in the hospital 3 days later… and Here I Am !!!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Glad to have you back. How ya feeling? Where can people send you love letters and fanmail, get well cards, and money for your boss band merch.?

DEANE CLAPPER: I’m feeling better everyday !! We will be back in the New Year !! Anything can be sent to:
D. Clapper c/o KNIF
331 Bonair Ave; Hatboro, PA 19040.
Remember to include sizes for shirts !!!

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: Who will save rocknroll? Any other current bands you like?

DEANE CLAPPER: We may not save it, but we could give it a swift Kick in the ASS !! Dregen out of Sweden ..I like his solo album a lot..

I’d like to thank Sugarbuzz for the interview.

SUGARBUZZ MAGAZINE: What else do you wanna talk about? LINKS….

Siren Records
The Missle Toads
Chloe and the Stars
Mojo Brighton Bar
Wind up Dead (Fan Video)

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