Brandy Row

Brandy Row
Molly Malone’s
Los Angeles
By Lucky (SugarBuzz Miscreant)
Photography by Mila Reynaud

The long awaited event hath come to pass as Brandy Row finally touched down in Los Angeles and performed the first of three in Southern California. It has been a long time coming for this punk rock poet to grace our shore and in a way the night seemed surreal for those invited through his word and song. A list of who’s who made the scene, name-dropping not included, but I did see some fabulous faces. Thank God for those “in the know”.

Brandy took the stage with guitar in hand and we held our breath as this talented troubadour mesmerized with “Hold No Shame”. Singing of far away lands and a yearning for home, Brandy spun an elemental yarn. Accentuation and relent with folk-like harp and on the money vocal delivered. Brandy quipped he was not from around here, “as you can tell by my accent”, and then shared his recent New York adventure that included six stellar shows.

Subtle nuance and anticipatory hanger accompanied “The Drifter” as Brandy breathed deep, exhaled and then hit the strings hard. Silent division spoke volumes as much as the singsong lyrics. No strings attached rambler themed, Brandy was not just the singer-song writer, but also a self-examiner, if the truth be told.

Reflections of optimism despite dismal circumstance abounded in “Unwritten Stories”. Brandy belted rapid-fire lyrics of hyperkinetic nature while his guitar rang out in declaration. Brandy’s prevalent street-smart intellect provided insightful for those of us whom were in tune with his meaning.

Namesake of the tour “Consolidated” was, according to Brandy’s introduction, a song about living sober post dark times. Words, sound and vision augmented this soon to be released masterwork. Heavenly wordless vocables segued into memorandum, all designed for Brandy’s desired end result. While in California, filming will commence for the video to accompany this new single. I for one cannot wait to see what transpires.

Alone on stage, a performer is laid bare and Brandy was no exception whilst performing “Decline of a Better Man’. The conveyed pain, sorrow and redemption came across genuine, as this man has lived it and survived. Chaotic bridge led to poignant refrain before driving it home. Brandy’s performance of “Decline” had every bit the impact one experiences while watching the incredible imagery of the recently released “Decline” video, which shows just where the real brunt lies.

Actor and musician Julian de la Celle, whom is an exceptional talent in his own right, joined Brandy for the night’s final entry “Marshall Law”. I was instantly jealous of Julian as he took the stage, not because of his youth, looks or talent, but because he was playing a beautiful example of a classic Harmony Rocket guitar. I have wanted one of those for years.  Brandy injected that “Marshall Law” was written during a time that he felt “bad things were on the rise” and strummed neck high as Julian added layered texture. The additional guitar part allowed Brandy to venture into solo territory without losing the songs momentum or melodic structure.  Brandy’s harmonica told a tale of it’s own, and then Brandy encourage us to all sing along, “if you can understand what I’m saying”. We got your message loud and clear Mr. Row.
















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