Woven Hand

Last Minute Salvation: Woven Hand at Jewels Catch One
Los Angeles November 12th
Review and Photography by Mila Reynaud

After a smoke signal on Facebook around 10pm 0n Wednesday Nov 12th, I realized that my “beloved Messiah band” Woven Hand was in town. I mean I had just an hour to cross the city and grab my camera because I just couldn’t miss them.

The “Church on York” line-up was somewhere in another church, at the Jewels Catch One, so I joined the apostles at the first bell sound, missing the bands opening King Dude, Pontiak and Spencer Moody.  I did noticed that Chelsea Wolfe was playing some tunes (Oh Yeah) .

The small venue was packed with a strange mix of music snobs, and on the stage was Woven Hand. Hailing from Denver, Woven Hand is fronted by David Eugene Edwards, former leader of 16 Horsepower , who is one of the most powerful frontmen I have heard in my life during my past days in Europe. The band’s music combines elements of American folk, power-rock country, Native American and industrial. The current members are David Eugene Edwards, Ordy Garrison(Drums), Chuck French(lead guitar), Neil Keener(Bass). The concept of Woven Hand was to create a solo project which would have different guest musicians. They have published seven albums in twelve years, and the latest, “Refractory Obdurate” sounds more “warrior”.

The David Edwards voice is mystical, haunting, and takes you into a world of spirituality. The lyrics are a lot about biblical topics, narratives of apocalyptic damnation. They delivered a prophesying set, high in intensity, playing material from the last few albums.

Unfortunately the charismatic voice of Edwards was inaudible , the sound quality was awful. He played a couple of electric guitars and an antique mandolin/banjo, reminding me of the 16Horsepower sound that I like so much. The dark messenger with a sliver cross on his chest, waving odd hand movements was in a pure trance experience, inhabited by supernatural beings and the Nature Strengths. Under his hat, I could discern his eyes rolling. Sadly the lights were so low  it was nearly impossible to take decent shots. He twisted his body, turning in movements as a ritual dance, his fingers manically sliding along strings, his unique slide guitar style. Woven Hand is an purifying experience that should not be missed, the David Edwards hypnotizing charisma on stage is a must to see. Thanx God, I made it.












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