What is your one wish for this holiday season?

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An Inquiry by Lucky

It’s the holiday season. A time for joy and sometimes sorrow. For many it is a time to look back, take inventory and make resolutions for the future. Some people embrace the season, while others shut it away. But I think for all, it is an opportunity to make a wish with the hopes that this magical time of year will somehow make their dream come true.  With this thought in mind, I sent out this year’s holiday question to a variety of select humans and awaited their replies.  So without further ado…

“What is your one wish for this holiday season?”

Chris White (The Zombies) – “That peace and care take the place of conflict and indifference.”

Lester Chambers (The Chambers Brothers) – “My wish for the Holiday Season is Peace on Earth and a new Platinum Hit Record. Also check out my son Dylan Chambers & The Midnight Transit! He is rockin and making it happen!”

Cheetah Chrome – “That America gets it’s shit together and realizes that it’s citizens are more important than it’s politicians and corporations.”

Randy Stodola (Alley Cats) – “If I had only one wish & my wish were sure to be granted – then it would be this… To have more then one wish.”

Joey Pinter – “My wish is to quit calling it “the holiday season”. It’s fucking Christmas!!

Knox (The Vibrators) – “My one thought for the holiday season is that the world needs to calm down a bit. There’s generally awful stuff on the news and you wonder where it’s going to end. So every now and again I look up happy news to counter it. Best wishes – Knox”

Barb Wire Dolls – “we wish for unity within the local punk scenes”.

Bebe Buell  – “My wish for the Holiday season is for everyone to reflect on how they can help keep the world the beautiful place we got to enjoy as children ~ cherish the oceans, the forest and the animals. NO MORE RED MEAT! Please stop eating red meat. All the cows that are killed to feed the lustful human taste for flesh is, believe it or not, one of the biggest polluters of the planet.”

Cj Ramone – “My one wish for this holiday season is a definitive cure for a hangover (and no jokes about getting sober please!)”

Ginger Coyote (Punk Globe, White Trash Debutantes) – “World peace and hopes that Amanda Bynes can get rid of all the “ugly” photo’s of herself on the Internet…. And lastly that Elizabeth Warren will run for President in 2016…”

Miss Mercy (GTO’s) – “To survive a celebrated year till next Xmas with good vibrations and memories. Merc”

Brandy Row – “to be in someone else’s head for one day.”

Frank Secich (Deadbeat Poets, Blue Ash, Stiv Bators band)  - “My one wish would be for my family and friends to have good health this coming year as we had so many close calls and scares this last year.”

The Hangmen – “peace on earth and a new US booking agent.”

Stacy Wells (Artist) – “I wish for better health for my mom, and for myself I wish for a few extra lifetimes to create all of the ideas that I have.”

Tequila Mockingbird (Punk Museum Curator & Founder) – “That the Punk Museum’s in Berlin and London have shows this year as well as in LA and New York.”

Speedo (Rocket From The Crypt)  – “The end of daylight savings.”

Texas Terri (Texas Terri Bomb) – “peace on earth, good will to humans, keeping it simple. love texas t”

Ronnie Simmons (Guitarist) –
“My one wish for the holiday season
is for all the bullies to stop teasin’.
For simple minded jealous haters
from north and south of the equator
all races, color, creed
please put aside your corporate greed
and celebrate what you have got
and who we are, not who we’re not.”

Jenny Lens (Photographer) – “BE COMPASSIONATE towards others! Do not expect anything, even if you have done a favor for someone. Be GRATEFUL for the kindness and support you get. If someone says No, no is no. No matter what the topic. Never ever be mean, call someone names, threaten or blacklist them because they won’t do what you want AFTER the fact. Do NOT ever do anything expecting something, unless you explicitly discuss and agree BEFORE the act.  The sense of entitlement I experience and see online and in real life is ruining our lives. Be compassionate. To others and then to yourself.”

Dirt Williams (Yeastie Boys) – “I wish mimes weren’t such assholes”

Nik Kai (Kemical Kill) – “I wish that everyone could dedicate 1 day during the holidays to give 1 person , Child or family food or gifts for those in need.

Jim Jones (Jim Jones Revue) – “I wish that we can all find our own little chink in the armor of the corporate strangle hold that we have to live in; and exploit the fuck out of it! Seasons Greetings Xx”

Tracii Guns – “I wish for everyone to find inner peace and then shine that light on everyone that surrounds them!”

The Woggles
Dan Electro: Thee Immediate And Irrevocable Banishment of All Wedge Heeled Shoes and Boots to Thee Dustbin of History.
Buss Hagstrom: The voices in my head to sing on key.
The Fleshammer: My liver to regenerate so that I can happily drink through 2015
The Professor Mighty Manfred: To, as in the words of the Gentrys “Keep On Dancing.”

Valor & Vengeance – “We wish that all the kids wanting musical instruments this xmass get them !!!!! V&V”

Joe Sztabnik (New York Junk) – “One day of PEACE to all……would love to play L.A….book us  and we shall come…joe”

Rikk Agnew – “Universal harmony amongst ALL creatures, Lucky. That’s what I wish for EVERY season. Thanx for asking!”

Roger Deering (Smash Fashion) – “That people put down their guns and pick up guitars!”

Rob Carlyle (The Compulsions) – “My holiday wish is for someone to turn off the Internet so we can all go back to watching Looney Tunes cartoons. Happy holidaze, amigos… and here’s to a rockin’ 2015!”

Doug Mansfield (Mansfield and Muse, The Mansfields) – “Happiness”

Dino Kourelis (Lovehammers) – “Peace, Happiness, and ROCK!”

Nick Jones (The Pointed Sticks) – “I wish our fucking LP had been done in time for Xmas, and I wish that all the original Ramones were still alive.”

Mickey Finn (Jetboy, Cold Blue Rebels) – “My wish for the Holiday season is Health, to stay healthy and continue to be able to rock the stage and make great music to keep rock alive, I also wish the best to my rock n roll brothers in Jetboy as well as Cold Blue Rebels! And most important of all I wish happiness to all the amazing fans who have supported my music over the years which is what keeps me coming back for more!”

Blag (The Dwarves) – “I wish those days could come back once more, why did those days ever have to go cuz I love them so..”

Bob Sarles (Editor & Filmmaker:”Sweet Blues; A Film About Michael Bloomfield”) – “My one wish is to see the Paul Butterfield Blues Band be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. That, and the end of hunger and for world peace.”

Stephen Sims (Modern Kicks) – “Easy! The rumored Faces reunion in 2015 to actually happen!”

Nick McMahan (Girl on Fire) – “I’d like for everyone to think a little deeper about their life, let go of anything that is bothering them and find a way to make the world a more conscious carrying place.”

The Martinets – “I guess if The Sonics can’t play the super bowl half time show, then world peace.”

Chelsea Rose (Bite) – “I wish for racial equality.”

Scorpion vs. Tarantula – “We wish for everything and more.”

Howie Pyro – “Well on a serious note, among friends & family, I’ve seen & experienced so much death & suffering I gotta just say make every minute count, fuck what people think, do what makes ya feel good & treat your friends & family like what they are…FRIENDS & FAMILY!!”

Dee Skusting (A Pretty Mess) – “even though its hard for me to wish for one thing this holiday season, cause i consider myself very lucky for what i have, my family, my wonderful wife, a small group of close friends, music which has given my the opportunity to travel, i have to say i don’t need to wish for anything but if i can offer some advice and that’s for people to take the time to slow down from their “busy” life and just take in what’s really important . Look around don’t whine cause someone else has it worse than you, don’t be greedy cause someone has less than you, and be good to the people around you, you never know what someone is going though. now get out there Rock & Fucking Roll mutha fuckas!”

*** Just Added *** Steven Asbury (singer of The High On Lows) -  one wish for this holiday season is for real change. Not enough people are working towards that, not enough people are voting towards that, and not enough people are thinking towards that. We just want the truth and the truth is the enemy of the establishment. -

Steve Conte (Steve Conte NYC) – “I wish safe travels to everyone who is flying or driving to see their loved ones this holiday season (pretty sentimental of me, eh?)”

The Fabulous Miss Wendy Jacobsen – “I wanna sit on Santa’s lap!”

Peter Blast – “One part is that I wish people everywhere in the world would stop killing each other, life is a gift from God. On the second part, well that’s an easy one. I want to rock until I drop but also have the room to play other styles of music for the whole world to enjoy. Christmas is a time for Joy and the New Year I hope will bring a positive change for all people. Cheers! Peter Blast ”

Timo Kaltio (The Peckman Cowboys) – “I’ve had a very busy year and am going to my girlfriend’s Mom’s farm in Yorkshire for Christmas. There are 25 horses there. It is a very remote place, where internet connection is difficult. I’m just hoping to get some quiet time with my girlfriend, her family and the animals, out of reach, where I’m almost forced to just quiet down and enjoy peaceful time and re-charge. I will take a guitar with me, but will probably spend time reading and walking/riding with the horses. I think of it as the Christmas peace that I would wish for everyone this year. Thank you Lucky, and all best to you!!”

Bruce Matis (The After Hours) – “After much careful consideration, I think I’ve got my answer. It’s what any man wants and deserves, especially for the holidays…Pizza and blowjobs! Preferably at the same time.”

Kitty Summerall – “My one wish – just one? I have so many! Serious one: that everyone would be kind to everyone else, of every specie. A silly one: that I would get a billion dollars on Christmas morning. Down to earth one? I wish that I would have access to a great studio and engineer all the time!”

**Just Added ** Dennis Loren (Artist) – “That we all have more compassion. We sure could use some real peace and love in this world.”

Stacey Blades (Let It Rawk) – “For people to live up to their words. Cheers”

Trip Loon (Film Maker) –  ”A Roland TD-30KV V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Kit.”

Dayle Gloria (The Queen & Talent Buyer for the Viper Room) – “I know now what I want to wish for……I wish that this year 2015 that we are all happier more and depressed less…..I wish that we all continue to age gracefully but still be the rockstars that we are…and what I wish for most….is that we all start talking to each other, face to face, eye to eye, heart to heart….and stop looking down at a screen that will never keep us warm at night!!”

Julian de la Celle (Actor, Musician) – “Well, aside from waking up to a whole room of vintage music gear? Haha! I’m a strong supporter of animal rights as well as stopping the abuse of animals and all of that. I have been a vegetarian for about 8 years now so I guess my one wish for the holidays would be for people to become more informed about everything that goes on behind closed doors. I would love for everyone to at least try out being a vegetarian for a month and see what happens! You never know, those that say they could never do it might even see that they feel better doing it or that it’s really not as hard as they thought it would be.”

Dave Mansfield (The Roxy Suicide, The Mansfields) – “My one wish for this Christmas is that eveyone who is capable in doing so, reach out and help a dog. Strays, mill dogs and dogs who are no longer welcome in their current homes. Adopt, foster or just simply continue to be an amazing owner. They are a major part of our family…in fact, they are family. merry christmas to you (Victoria) and Lucky and all at Sugar Buzz!! L.U. V. –dave”

Victoria Jane Joyce (SugarBuzz) – “Not to gain any weight!”

Scott Drake (The Lovesores) – “My Grandma used to say “wish in one hand and shit in the other…and see which gets full first”….less wishing, more DOING.”

Sam Harris (The Bowery Boys) – “If I were gonna wish fer something, it’d be to get out on the road, I’m itchin’ to tour in the worst way… Either that or to add to me collection another elusive, extra slouched, seventies-era, Big Apple Newsboy caps, one of those Keef/Rudy Davis/Jimmy Cliff on the cover of The Harder They Come bad boys.”

Svenja Block (Photographer) – “L.O.V.E. …in all its manifestations!”

Nadir Dpriest (London) – “That we stop the government “US International Police” from going to war every 18 months and take the $$ and feed Americans!”

Meg Michelle (Manger/Merchandiser  – Leopard Lounge) – “for my family to be happy. We lost my dad a few years back, who taught me everything I know about guitar. Holidays are always tough on us.”

Cynthia Ross (New York Junk, B Girls) – “My one wish for this holiday season is that live Rock’n Roll music and clubs can endure the continuing onslaught of technology and greed for future generations.”

The Vim Dicta - ”To know that the music of The Vim Dicta has made a person’s day just a little better.”

Kevin Bombay – “My one wish for the holiday season? I guess it would be health and happiness to my friends and family and the opportunity to keep on playing music. I’m not really good at these type of questions Lucky – I’m more of a “bah humbug” kinda guy.”

Kieran Plunkett (The Restarts) – “I would Wish for peace on earth for all people and for Rebecca Kadaga (Ugandan Speaker of Parliament) to be shoved up a chimney and have a fire lite beneath her while ol Saint Nick shits down from the top.
* Rebecca Kadaga has promised as a xmas present (again) a newly legislated and harsher bill – Prohibition of Promotion of Unnatural Sexual Practices Bill ( a revised version of the Kill the Gays bill)”

Carlos Cochise Gomez (The Dead End Stompers) – “What I wish for this Holiday season, is unity.  Sadly there is too much segregation still in the world. We all need to get together and take care or each other as well as the earth. Make it a better tomorrow for the generations to come. Let there be love!”

Iggie Pistolero (Gypsy Pistoleros) – “that santa bring me the cutest rock chcik xmas morning xiggz”

Seb le Bison (Rikkha) – “That would be for my wife and I to keep having a great power to continue to give good shit to the world. There ‘s no better gift than performing on stage. That’s a great present.”

Danny Ray (Jesse Malin, Mad Juana) – “A moratorium on psychopathy would suffice.”

Kenny Kweens (LA Guns) – “Wishing my family, friends, fans and myself good health.”

Domenic Priore (Author) – “Scandals oust Judges Scalia and Thomas.”

Breanna Fields (Glam Skanks) – “My wish for the holiday season is that more people cherish the lives of animals as well as their own families and choose meat and dairy-free alternatives for their Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings!
I’ve been vegan for 9 years and I’m a huge advocate for celebrating the lives and prosperity of all species during the holidays.  My wish would be that people are open to this and give alternatives a chance.”

Cyndi Dawson – “I know it sounds cliché, but peace in the world.  This world is a scary place with too much hate and intolerance. We are lucky to even HAVE ‘holidays’ anymore.”

Jamie Scrape (DJ/Drink Slinger Viper Room) – “I want a Red Ryder BB Gun.”

John (The Diodes) – “Well, I wish the Curse would get back together and record one of the two Xmas songs I wrote for them. I’m sure they’d stir up as much controversy as my other one, ”Shoeshine Boy” that I wrote with Jula (Trixie Danger).
The first one went:
“There’ll be no Christmas this year, cause Santa Claus got drunk,
All the kiddies’ nagging pushed him off the wagon, and now he’s tits up in his bunk.”
The second one, to be sung to the tune of “I Shot the Sheriff”, went:
“I shot the Santa, but I did not shoot the Rudolph, mon,
I shot the Santa, but I did not shoot no reindeer, mon.”
Happy Holidays, John”

Michael Carr (The Roxy Suicide) – “My wish is that whatever is bubbling just under the surface of Rock N Roll would break through soon! Music needs a good swift kick in the ass right now. It’s coming, I can feel it. Oh, and a Lionel train set, that’d be awesome too!”

Wendy Gadzuk (Andalusia Rose) – “My one wish for the holiday is that in this time of upheaval in our world, we could talk to one another. And listen to one another. Avoid making snap judgements. Avoid cutting others out of our lives who don’t think exactly as we do. Put aside race, class, religion, etc. and see everyone as humans without the external barriers. The person sleeping on the street who hasn’t bathed in weeks is no less human than someone like myself who has access to food, shelter and showers (usually!). I will make an effort to, when able, not just give that person a sandwich, but sit down and eat it with him/her. We are all tiny specks of light making up a beautiful pattern. Let’s not forget how important our small part of this big picture is!”

Rew Starr (The Rewd Onez and host of *ReW & WhO?*) – “My one wish for this holiday season is that all conspiracies real or suspect simply vanish into the ethers with all the Ebola and that *ReW & WhO?* gets a producer & sponsor who knows how to get us to the next level x I’m a Gemini so that’s one xxx”

Colleen Caffeine (Choking Susan) – “That life would develop a cure for pain.”

Veronika Sorrow (Untoward Children)  - “That the year 2015 be a positive and fruitful year for all.”

Paul S. Cunningham (Gunhouse Hill) – “A fresh start for those in need…”

Lisa “PunkrPrincess” (Owner/Dj Whatever68 Radio, Owner/Publisher PP Promo Records) – “My one wish for the Holiday season is that everyone in the DIY/Underground scene would get along and work together to fulfill and make an awesome scene so we all can succeed! There is so much more we could do if we work together share ideas pull together help each other and be true, if we can do this anything else is possible!  Thanks Sugarbuzz you ROCK! “

Tommy Black (Palo Alto, Scott Weiland & The Wildabout) :)  (Yes, just a smiley face)

Lightnin’ Woodcock – “Lightnin’s one wish for this holiday season is to convert before Xmas to a Jew or Jehocvah’s Witness, because even Satanists and Luciferians don’t get a reprieve from the assault of insulting corporate consumerism, crossed with the worst music ever written or recorded in human history. Fuck Christmas.”

Mila Reynaud (Photographer) – “My wishes for this new Corporate Holiday season 2014 and for the rest of the time, 1. To unplugged my mind of the internet connection and from the necessity what it acting on me. 2. To invite the Rain, Rain please join us for the party and stay a while. 3. To ask all the hands up with screens in the venues, please people in the gigs crowd, stop taking crappy photos with your phone, enjoy the show! No worries, photographers are here to document them. You can check it out in SugarBuzz Magazine.  Oh if it’s only one, I’ll pick number 3!”

Adrian Roberts (Founder of Bootie – Global Phenom – MashUp Nightclubs) – “More rain in California! To quote Shirley Manson of Garbage: “I’m only happy when it rains.”

Rob Lane (Teenage Casket Company/People on Vacation)  – “My one wish for the holiday season, if I’m keeping things in a music theme, is that all you rockers and musicians watch out for one another, tell people about other great music and not just your own, be happy when a friend’s band has some success rather than being jealous – it’s a big playing field out there and we’ve all got room to score!”

Evie Vago Lago (Evil Beaver) – “A cure for cancer.”

One High Five – “Dear Lucky and Santa Buzz,
Thank you for making our dreams come true.
Kyle (drummer) – wishes for a shiny new pair of the rock ‘n roll standard Levi’s 511 jeans. The tighter the better.
Jason (guitar) – wishes for a colorful and tasty package of Skittles. Original flavor. Duh.
Tony (guitar)  – wishes for a sturdy and majestic Taylor Acoustic guitar. He’ll need a few extra pairs of strings, if you know what I mean.
Tina (bass) – wishes for a 10 lb 2 oz replica of baby Jesus. Complete with the booster pack of gold, frankincense and myrrh.
David (singer/songwriter) – wishes for home made cookies from Mrs. Clause flavored with Elvis Costello’s peace, love and understanding. “

Scarlet Rowe (Bassist, Graphic Designer) – “I say this with all sincerity…
I wish to grow, to evolve, to rise above, to learn to be a better person and human being being human. I wish this for me, for you, for all us.”

Noah Wallace (Hammered Satin-Lead Singer) – “I would like some women’s sweaters in bright colors from J. CREW !!!”

Christopher Duda (SugarBuzz) – “I wish to find an old warehouse full of vinyl records in Mint condition….  and more importantly health and general wellness  for all us aging rockers.”

Harlis Sweetwater (Harlis Sweetwater Band) – My one wish for this holiday season is that people can stop fussin’ and fighting, learn to tolerate and let go of having too much pride and self entitlement and learn to understand, accept & respect each other. In the words of John Lennon “Love is the Answer”

Puma Pearl (Poet) – “Same as every year, surviving it.”

Geordie Pleathur  (SugarBuzz) – My one wish for this holiday season is that we, the people, can all rally together and talk to our families and convince our fellow human beings that there is no reason for men in uniforms to execute unarmed people, and never, never, never children. We must reject the so-called new normal of the senselessly violent 9/11 police state and ongoing evisceration of human rights under the two winged hawkish secret government. Let’s raise consciousness, reject the propaganda of controlled media, feed and shelter all the people, and love one another.”

Cam Mosavian – “My one wish would be for Fugazi to tour in 2015”

Warren Doherty (Stingray) – “Lucky it is great to hear from you!  Things are well and the band is still Rockin!  As you know our drummer Richie Z lives with ALS and the disease continues to progress. I pray, wish and hope for a cure of this horrible disease and Rich can rock until he is old and grey!  Thanks for reaching out and keep Rockin!!”

Jen Sakurada (Consultant with Pampered Chef & owner of Jen X Salon) – “I wish the rock music scene would find a new revival!  Live music venues, recorded music and rock music stations!  I don’t care what city it happens in, but rock music has defined generations and influenced other types of music. The look, the attitude, the unique styles that create the rock music scene have been fading over the years and I’d love to see it come back better than ever.”

Daisy De La Hoya (Black Star Electra) – “To play Cruefest Hollywood again!”

Callie Biggerstaff (Photographer) – “My one wish would be for people to stop using their computers as instruments and Google uriah heep.  Or maybe an easier request…bring back Polaroid film. Xoxo Callie B”

Matt Fuller (Puddle of Mudd) – “Don’t forget, it’s also the birthday of Summer School’s Dean Cameron (Chainsaw)…I want the world to stop fighting and personally, I just want to keep working and supporting myself as a musician. What about you? What do you want?” (“A Kinks Reunion” – VJ)

Sean Paul (Piranhas BC) – “My one wish would be that everyone just get along for once. Peace I guess, oh and if I got 2 wishes the other would be a new guitar.  Happy Holidays!!!”

Paul Kopf (Powder) – “My wish is that Powder will be touring this time next year somewhere in Europe!!!”

Troy Gregory (The Witches)  – “I really don’t know – too many wishes. I suppose world peace, with me having the supernatural powers to make that so, would be rather sweet, along with zillions of other things that have to do with happiness and magic.”

JOff WilsOn (The Bowery Boys) – “My one wish for this holiday season (outside of world peace) is to see science find a cure for cancer. {:->”

Nato Coles (Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band) – “A wider variety and better quality of holiday music on the radios and stereos of the world.”

Chryss “ButterknYfe” O’Raidy (Photographer) – “The holidays are like an incredibly fun, beautiful warm woman who only dances around saying cheerful things and making everyone feel like there’s hope, but only if you put yourself into serious debt for her and use up all your time trying to please her, and then she just leaves you until she dances back into your life 12 months later. So I wish the holidays would go away and be replaced by a race of humans who can love unconditionally, and strive to understand and treat each other with respect. Burp”

Jonathan Jonah (Lead Singer of Warner Drive) – “That I can buy and be in my house by New Year’s Eve.”

Dan Nash (Just Great Management {The Vim Dicta}) – “We are living through complex, dangerous times and art and music, being universal languages can help people sort through issues in cooler terms than the news media.
So my wish for the upcoming years to come is that artists of all disciplines will help raise fans’ consciousness through exciting art, poetry, films and of course, music.”

Dawn Laureen (Rock Photographer) – “My one wish is that no living creature is without food or love.”

Tomy Gunn (The Alter) – “recording time.”

Tina de la Celle (Foxes Cosmetics) – “I want people to realize what farm factories do to the environment and how badly these animals are treated. i want everyone to stop eating meat and dairy and go vegan!”

Kenny Price (Blackboard Jungle) – “Well my wish for this holiday season is health and happiness with my wife and son. Oh and world peace…… a  Piece of ass for all and to all a good night!!!  Rock!!!!!”

Daren Short (Rok Hollywood) – “I would like to see everyone happy. Everyone love each other, and not hate. For the violence, and destruction in this country, and in this world to end. For people not to struggle physically, mentally, emotionally, or financially.  For everyone to be with the person, or people that they want to be with. Not just during the holidays. But all year long. It might be almost impossible for these things to happen. But it would be nice for everyone at least to try to make them happen.”

Kenneth Armstrong (Stingray) – “My wish would be for world peace and fairness…. after that … a Led Zeppelin reunion!”

Pauly Niedzwiecki (The After Hours) – “Good Question! It is so not rock and roll, but here it is:  that my daughter, wife, family and friends are happy and healthy!”

D.k. Revelle (THE BEAUTIFULLY DEMOLISHED) – “For ALL My Facebook Friends To BUY MY NEW Freekin RECORD!! *Happy Holidayz* Dk”

Christian D (Christian D and the Hangovers)  - “I wish for peace, love and great sex for all.  But, barring that, send me large bottles of whiskey, and perhaps crates of beer.”

Ricky Rat – “Ok. I guess a good wish would be for myself and all of my fellow musicians, artists, writers and photographers to be able to have a better year financially in 2015 and beyond. It’s a shame that artists can’t make more for their work. Now it’s worse then ever. All of us that are true to what we do, continue on no matter what, but it’s very difficult to pay bills and get by. There you have it! haha!”

Dan Saxton (Prod Mgr – The Roxy) – “My wish is that more musicians would focus on writing music they believe in, the worst is seeing a band onstage that isn’t lost in their music.”

Ginger Kuroishi – “One wish for this holiday is for everyone to realize that if you want something you have to go for it. Be brave, take chances, and fight. You have it in you no matter what you think you are capable of or your circumstances. And gonna cheat here (cause I can!). One more thing, Rock N Roll!!! Merry Christmas Sugarbuzz!!”

Alan Rand (Photographer) – “One wish- that’s tough with the stuff I got going on this year. Thought of no more tooth problems because 2 tooth implants are costing a fortune- haha. One just popped into my mind though. Definitely a big thing for me this year is recording, mixing and mastering, plus the design/artwork for Red Gretchen CD “Nobody”.  Next project- to do the music video for one of the songs on the CD – “To Find Her”. We’re starting to plan it. So that’s my wish- for success on the video.”

Dr. Catherine Phillips (UnHeimlich Maneuver) –“Wow. Mine is pretty heavy right now. My mother just died and I’m the heir and executor across provinces, which is an extreme, ridiculous amount of mess and paperwork. I am hoping I don’t go into debt on lawyers and certified cheques and paying her hyrdo, and that if I do I inherit enough to pull myself back out and get a few awesome perfumes and some new music. Best wishes for not spending the holiday lead-up like I am!! Catherine”

A Clockwork Warren (A Rock and Roll Servant at Warrenland Music) -  “I wish real songwriters would be appreciated and celebrated more. The music industry is saturated with “products” – which will always be…But I wish more attention was paid to the songwriters”

Stacey Dee (Bad Cop Bad Cop) – “That the people that really deserve the best of things to happen for them, get everything they deserve and more! ”

John Duran (WeHo City Council) – “I wish that music with 3-chord guitar has a comeback! What was wrong with C-F-G anyways ??”

Jay P Sin (Narcoleptic Youth) - “Peace, love and new guitars!”

Nick Culves (Cruefest Hollywood Promoter) – “Honestly my wish is to find a cure for Cancer. Too many good people have suffered and died from it. It’s insane to me this is still happening.”

The Freeks – “Ha, right on Lucky. All the Freeks wish for are “Tasty Waves and Cool Buds and we’re fine”

Drummer Dave (Run Devil Run, Poets & Pornstars) “Normally I’d say, “more wishes” because everyone knows that’s the right answer in these situations.  But not this time.  Nope, I got something that trumps even the need for more wishes…’cause if I don’t get it soon, it’s gonna negate any need for more wishes.
For this Christmas, I WANT SLEEP!  From a bottle, in a pill, by osmotic transfer from an interstellar time-travelling being…I don’t give an F***!  I – WANT - SLEEP!  Make it happen, Santa!”

Tom Bielek (Rivet)  - “Health and Happiness to all of our friends and family.”

Chris Morris (Preeminent Rock Journalist) – “World peace, of course.”

Vicki Hamilton (Author & Critic at Large) – “Financial Recovery for the world.”

John Arakaki (Owner of The Powder Room & St. Felix , bass for Casper & The Bad Spirits and Entrepreneur of Kiss or Kill)  – “As the holidays bring people together, through family & friends, I wish that we can carry that spirit into a prosperous 2015. Understanding, compromise, patience, & openness fall more into the general public consciousness in treating each other throughout the entire year.”

Bernie (The Satantras, Satan’s A.R.C.H Enemy G.O.D, The Stinkies, The Invisible Ray) – “My one wish for the holiday season is to get through it without setting foot in a mall! Another wish would be to play a show or two while I’m off work so I can have fun instead of having to go home cuz I have work the next day! B”

Steven Talbott (The Gutter Boys) – “I really want piece on earth, but I also realize that “Piece” is a metaphor for Kim Kardashian and “Earth” is my face.”

Casper Von DJ (Casper & The Bad Spirits) – “Happiness. It’s always what I wish for. For me, and everyone else as well. I think if you have happiness then you have just enough of what you need of everything, money, success, friends, health etc.”

Arthur Alexander (Sorrows, The Poppees) – “Left handed Gibson Firebird!”

Beth Fryman (Artist & Stylist & Renaissance Woman) – “My one wish is to absolutely have the privilege to continue on creating and exploring different forms of expression and enlightenment for myself and all those around me daily. The search for happiness and peace reflects in our art and it’s a fabulous journey when you are gifted with that daily reality. I wish that for this holiday and every holiday after in which I manifest in this realm and this reality. Happy Celebrating.”

Tanya Cheex (Canada’s Satanic Stripper) – “My one wish would be a manger scene compromised of me as the whore of Babylon, The three wise men: Jello Biafra, Henry Rollins, Johnny Rotten. The Shepard: Lemmy Kilminister.  Doyle Von Frankenstein as Joseph and Danzig as the baby.”

James Grundler (Lead Singer of Golden State & Palo Alto) –  ”My one wish for this holiday season. To re ignite the mind, the heart, and the soul of a world that’s lost its way.”

Damian Monzillo (NYC Stylist, Owner of Tattoos & Eyeliner) –  ”My one wish is to bring a child into this world with my wife.”

Danny Fury (Tango Pirates) – “my one wish? well let’s see… it’s hard to keep it down to one wish only…..lol WORLD PEACE comes to mind first, but i would not mind if ppl started to buy CD’s again…..lol no scrap that….it’s not so important in the big picture of things. i’d already be happy if ppl would try to get along a bit better and stop being so selfish and greedy.”

Jay O’Clownovan (Yeastie Boys) – “My one wish for the holiday season, while acknowledging and being thankful for a great 2014, is a happier and more prosperous 2015 for friends and family.”

Twin Guns – “Our holiday wish is to have new singles out on both Boppa Do Down and Rockin’ Records in the spring of 2015, as well as releasing our own full-length album that we’ve recorded with Matt Verta Ray of Heavy Trash. And a new leather jacket. Can that count as one wish?”

Carlos Cruz (Stonebreed) – “I wish everyone a safe loving holiday season filled with laughter and friends & family. And I wish people would quit saying Rock is Dead because if you have EVER been to a Cruefest then you know ROCK IS ALIVE & WELL In HOLLYWOOD & The USA you just have to get out and support bands & events like Cruefest Hollywood.”

Steve Wallace (Picture Yes) – “That my friends, family, and fans have a safe and happy holiday and that they all have the opportunity to enjoy the company of everyone within reach.”

Andrew Adkins (The Colored Parade) – “My one wish for the Holiday season would be to find out that Santa was real and that he is also a genie which grants wishes and gave every boy and girl 2 wishes – one for selfishness and the other for selflessness.”

Morgan Ames (DJ/Tastemaker at The Viper Room; Drums/Vocals Everywhere Else) – “A new vehicle.”

Share Ross – (Vixen) **now living the life in Florida** – My wish is for every sentient being on the planet to feel loved.

Pete Molinari (Singer-Songwriter) – That not one meal gets eaten without sharing it with some one out there who is hungry. That everyone learns that the gift of sharing is far greater than that of giving. People give what they don’t need. It’s sharing that lessons the gap between us. That alone will achieve more than any scientific discovery or politic endeavor…
That’s the only justice I care about.
Peace and Love.

Patti Johnsen – “My one wish would be for the Sunset Strip to hang onto it’s magical music history with both rock ‘n’ roll hands and never let go!  Don’t let corporations and apathy take our Strip away!”

Mel Lee – “Good health and Happiness for all my friends & family xx”

Cary Collins – “I wish that people would try to realize that giving is more important than receiving. We all love presents but there are so many people in need. If you can help one or two or three people who are really in a bad way, have a better Christmas somehow, and you have the means to do so, Please give. Sometimes it’s a canned food drive or serving/cleaning up in a food kitchen and sometimes it is just sending cards to the troops abroad this holiday. Just think of others before yourself….”

Dagmar Yuppa de Rivera –  For people to stop being a-holes! Seriously! There’s too much self-centeredness going on these days and too much intolerance! I.e. If you are a faith or have a belief system outside of the Robertsons on Duck Dynasty, don’t watch it. Don’t expect the people that made the show what it is to change themselves for you. Not everyone is the same! Rawr! People need to learn what’s important and every little thing you find “offensive,” isn’t. Don’t look, don’t watch, don’t go where you don’t belong. A-holes a but one or a group in a sea of zillions and need to learn to fit themselves in! NOT expect the world to change for THEM! Ain’t gotta like each other but you do gotta co-exist.”

Krista Cameron – “my wish for this holiday season and upcoming year is that I start tapping into my creativity more and connecting with more creative types. My wish would be to meet someone decent, to share inside jokes with and screw around with and just be happy. And a nice watch. And watch troma movies all day!”

Carrie B. – “My one wish – People in our world can live together as harmoniously as a well-practiced band.”

Vicki Ingram – “To end animal abuse.”

Melanie de la Mott – “I wish people would have more compassion in the world towards animals and other people … animals are very dear to me.”

Suzy Wilson (Suzy Creamcheese) – “My wish is if people can’t learn to love their fellow man/woman that they at least learn to respect them. I wish everyone music, love, health, family & friends. For myself, my wish is that the 4th or 5th time is the charm (I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve had to start over) & the project I’ve been working on for the past 7 years finally gets completed.”

Micah Dore – “For my family to be happy and healthy man. All I really ever want man. I know its cliché but it’s the truth.”

Lynda Davis – “My one actually tangible wish is for my godsons to have a magical Christmas.”

Cheryl Alexander – “my one wish for the holiday season is to spend time and be present with friends and family rather than receive presents on which money was spent.”

Jenny Talbot  - “For all the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.” Watch This

Lucky (SugarBuzz) – “My one wish for this holiday season is for all the wishes petitioned here to come true. My deepest thanks to all that responded, I love each and every one of you. I hope to see you in the back alleys and on the streets soon. You all fucking kick ass.”