Maid of Ace

Maid of Ace
Redwood Bar and Grill
Los Angeles
By Lucky
Photography by Alex Kinnan

The weight of the mundane burdened, but I was not to be stopped from attending the kick ass punk rock bill at the Redwood Bar and Grill a few weeks back in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s in the good part, right on the cusp of the maniacal.

Maid of Ace was bringing it live to select west coast hotspots as part of their Spittin’ Blood Tour 2014. I’ve been digging their sounds, thanks in part to Dee Skusting whose band, A Pretty Mess, tore up some UK dates with Maid of Ace a while back and were returning the favor with a California host. Dee said I needed to take heed, and Dee don’t fucking lie.

Maid of Ace are a sister band, whether they are really blood kin I have been unable to confirm, but they sure have a chemistry on and off the stage that makes it seem so. They are a tight, uniform, punk rock force with a “don’t even think about it” stance.

I got to the show a tad early and went straight to the bar and loaded up. Side note, the Redwood seems to have raised their drink prices, or did the tender think I said, ”Make it a double”. It did have some additional inebriation quality. I milled around nursing my potion and then hit the floor when Maid of Ace geared up and plugged in. The conglomerate massed together, to the point of no return and the amplificated sounds of “Enemy Within” turned heads, shook it up, and let it loose.

While “Enemy Within” laid the groundwork, it was “Sick of You” that fortified the barrage and let the ruffians in attendance get a good glimpse of what Maid of Ace is all about; an aggravated assault entrenched with vocal volleys and aggressive agility. A cascading free fall into “Daisy” brought this old boy to a realization.  Not sure if it was Alison’s phrasing or dynamic delivery, but during “Daisy” the vocal was akin to a certain Darby Crash at his best.  The song itself has an undertow that pulls you in and trashes you out.

Anna wrenched a Telecaster during “Cannibal” while Abby flailed the kit so hard I thought it might fall to pieces under the strain. Amid the chaos and momentous volume, the lyric was difficult to discern, but one word pierced true, Cannibal, which encapsulated the essence.

The tour’s namesake “Spittin’ Blood” swooped down like an air raid commence. The band exuded getaway bravado mixed with disquiet aftermath, all the while portraying undeniable musical integrity. Real deal here people.

By this time, Maid of Ace had worked the crowd into crash bang camaraderie, and then hit them hard with “Disaster of Noise”. Alison blared out the vocal while the bands adrenaline escalated causing us to go along for the ride. Amy absolutely cut through with her bass while Anna hit the microphone sporadic.

The band put down the pedal with a solid delivery of “Dickhead”. Having to maneuver a bit, thanks to a very large punk rock being, I got a slam and trample, but no worst for wear, I kept perusing an advantageous viewpoint. I loved the never coming down chord progression of “Dickhead”, it riled me up and got the crowd crazed. Could be my new favorite song of the week!

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Maid of Ace dropped “Dirty Girl”. The song had a dynamite chorus changeup where they lag it behind and then charge it forward during the verse.  The ending was an all out sensory assault that seemed reminiscent of select glorious punk rock mayhem.

Additional trouble arrived when Dee Skusting jumped on stage to partake in “Nothin’ on Me”, causing a breakout of bombastic bedlam.  Pabst Blue Ribbon in hand, Dee took a mic and without a flinch broke it out in rotation. Intentional topsy-turvy downbeat caused a whirlwind state of hysteria, but recovery was seconds away with a well-anchored choral.

No reprieve granted as Maid of Ace detonated “BONE DETH” with magnificent aplomb. Anna’s backing vocal obtained desire effect with an almost unnerving impact in the thick of Amy and Abby’s solidification. Retaliatory in nature, Alison showed no signs of wear as she bore down on her guitar and sang for all it’s worth.

Delirium dominated with a closure of substantial impact as Maid of Ace sent us off with a cover of “Rules and Regulations” by “We’ve Got A Fuzzbox and We’re Gonna Use It!!” Perhaps Americans remember the band as Fuzzbox, but either way, it was cool as shit to hear the girls hammer this one out. The scene broke out into a communal sign along, complete with fist pumps and punk love all around.

Maid of Ace will be part of the Punk and Disorderly Festival in Berlin and will perform other select dates in Germany during April, 2015. In addition, they have been scheduled for the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool happening this August. You better start panhandling now!












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