Who Killed Mister Moonlight?

Who Killed Mister Moonlight? Bauhaus Black Magick and Benediction
David J. Haskins
Book Review by Mila Reynaud
Select Photography by Mila Reynaud

Who Killed Mister Moonlight? Sounds like the ultimate Post-Punk book ever written, and it is the best I have read from start to finish. I have never been so absorbed in a block of pages since I read Elric of Melniboné by Michael Moorcock.

This is the first memoir by David J Haskins, his experiences and Rock & Roll “trepidations” since “The Craze”, his teenage band, up to the last show of the Resurrection Bauhaus Tour in 2006. The memoir also includes the recording of Go Away White, the fifth and final Bauhaus studio album.

David J is best known as the bass player and songwriter of the avant-gardist band Bauhaus and the innovative Love and Rockets.  Formed in 1978 in Northampton, England, Bauhaus had a gloomy and minimalist post-punk rock style, which we later called Goth Rock. The band consisted of guitarist/vocalist Daniel Ash, bassist/vocalist David J, drummer Kevin Haskins with vocalist Peter Murphy.

‘Who Killed Mister Moonlight?’ is like a time machine of sorts, a throwback to the music scene in London during the artistic atmosphere of the late 70′s & 80′s in the UK and Europe. The book recounts the whole story of Bauhaus from beginning to end and is the essential Bauhaus document, providing inside answers to all our questions about the band’s dynamic with egos and musical divergences.

The book has been fragmented in three parts: Fornicating in the Gods (1979/83), Alchemy (1984/2004) and Some Lonesome Devil’s Row (2005/06). We get to read fascinating tales of encounters with iconic legends as Ian Curtis, John Peel, Iggy Pop and William Burroughs, a true Odyssey!

David’s willingness propelled him in different ways than his bandmates, where he opened new doors of perception. The book unveils to us his intimacy with these experiments. His instinct has brought him fantastic ventures, exploration of the occult and mystic roads where sometimes you think, “there is no hazard”.

Constructive lessons about how to visit different life layers, put them in your creative process, and stay down to earth! Honest and passionate writing, always positive despite the tales of numerous clashes with his bandmates Ash and Murphy.

I highly recommended this “epopee” to all fans of Bauhaus, Love & Rockets, not only because it is a wonderful book of stories told from a brilliant and captivating mind, but also because David J is a grand raconteur! I hope to read a new book soon by the same author.

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