Barb Wire Dolls Destination Punk

Barb Wire Dolls
Destination Punk
A Photographic Adventure by Svenja Block
Photography by Svenja Block
Book Review by Lucky

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. Wanna bet? Barb Wire Dolls – Destination Punk: A Photographic Adventure takes a instant hold with the in-your-face front cover photo of lead singer Isis Queen and only lets loose upon the back cover quotational. In between is an odyssey of epic proportions that propels you to the show, front row and on the stage at a series of performances by the now, world renowned, Barb Wire Dolls.

A compilation of images captured throughout a series of concerts in and around the UK and Germany, photographer Svenja Block has compiled an absolute stunning photo journal of an amazing band during a brief snippet of their storied career.  You can feel the energy emitted during each show and the dynamic of the groups interaction with the fans as you gaze at the pictures and are entranced by each nuance. So life like, one can just about hear the thunderous volume the permeates the lens.

The unfolding depictions are not just visual as the volume is peppered with antidotes and more from various contributing sources.  There is an in-depth interview with the band by Anne Johanna and a one-on-one with Isis Queen by Patrick Dörfel from the amazing WAHRSCHAUER Magazine. Of particular interest is a reflective memory from photographer Bill General who was pretty much there since day one of the Barb Wire Dolls L.A. story. Quotes abound from today movers and shakers that include the bands peers, promoters, additional photographers and others whose lives have been touched by the band in one fashion or another.

Even Svenja Block herself interjects with special impressions from each of the shows that are represented in pages within. Clearly she has a romance with the band that has propelled her to create this outstanding document allowing us to share in the experience. If you a Barb Wire Dolls fan, or just love punk rock in general, this is an essential publication to add to your living space. But you better hurry, the first edition sold out and the second edition will soon follow suit.











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