6th annual NAMM JAM 2015
Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar
Affliction, Jonny Coffin
Otherwise, Nick Colionne
Live report by Mila Reynaud

The NAMM JAM 2015 took place at the City National Grove in Anaheim again this year. This event was a Delve Texas production and was hosted by Sirius XM and Liquid Metal host Jose Mangin.

The 2015 NAMM JAM was sponsored by, Epiphone Guitars, Monster Energy, Affliction, FX Group, Newtek, Guitar World Magazine, SIT Strings, Kramer Guitars, Band Gear and Gotham Stands. The Grove was packed with music industry personalities, NAMM attendees and a bunch of fans.

Headlining NAMM JAM 2015 was American glam metal band Steel Panther. Supporting acts for the night were Nick Colionne, Otherwise and Gothenburg Swedish sleaze rockers Hardcore Superstar.

Nick Colionne warmed the night with his blues, jazz, R&B and funk and was followed by Las Vegas based band “Otherwise” for a strong delivery. Hardcore Superstar did a memorable set, it was their first appearance in the US in over 10 years and they were anticipated by a large part of the audience.

Following Hardcore Superstars performance was the Jonny Coffin/Affliction fashion show.  Cheered by the audience, the coffinettes descended onto the runway donning clothes by Affliction and Ellie Shoes for a high standard of Rock&Roll lifestyle. (The Coffinettes: Dorian Dane, Georgie Leahy, Alicia Vigil, Kirsty Lingman, Cassia Walton, Amie Nicole, Kirsty Lingman,  Angela Ryan, Sarah Roberts , Erin Micklow,  Milki Black, Xlcr Moon, Val Black, Athena FAtale, Christine Adams)

Los Angeles’s own Steel Panther hit the stage at 10:30 opening with “Pussywhipped, full of energy and played a powerful set that featured solid drumming and unbelievable guitar work. Steel Panther is well known for bringing other artist’s on stage when they performed at the “House of Blues” in Los Angeles. The guests of the night were Marty Friedman (Megadeth) and Tommy Thayer (KISS), two legends.

It was a full night of entertainment and great music! Thank you Delve Texas Production for the amazing show. And thank you Jonny Coffin for the invite!

Hardcore Superstar setlist:
Dreamin’ in a Casket
Above the Law
Run to Your Mama
Last Call for Alcohol
We Don’t Celebrate Sundays

Steel Panther setlist:
Pussywhipped Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World
Asian Hooker (with Marty Freidman)
Just like Tiger Woods
I Love it Loud (with Tommy Thayer – KISS song) Gang Bang at the Old Folks Home (with Tommy Thayer)
Community Property
If I Was the King
Death to All But Metal

Just a little more about Gotham Stand, one of the NAMM JAM sponsors: This is the new Jonny Coffin project … the world’s first modular guitar stand. This creation emerged from the brainy association of design engineers Esteban Cortina and Eric Granillo with the genius vision of Jonny Edwards aka Jonny Coffin.












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