Sham 69

Sham 69
100 Club, London  27/2/2015
Reviewer: David Bignell
Photos: Svenja Block

Human Punk Proudly present…

A band as popular as Sham 69 are always likely to fill a venue so it goes without saying that the legendary 100 Club  in London’s Oxford Street was going to be rammed  -  sold out to be precise – tonight. Also Jimmy Pursey had chosen this special evening to celebrate a milestone (his 60th Birthday). It started off as a secret shindig but word got out and the party goers came in their droves. Human Punk were proud to present a memorable evening which began with ‘Dirt Royal’ taking to the stage followed by the very lively ‘Knock Off’. This was a great start for what was about to follow.

Three original members (Pursey, Parsons & Treganna) were once again joined by drumming ace ‘Robin Guy’ who has well earned his place on the drum stool. The excited onlookers went wild when Sham 69 appeared on stage and ploughed straight into ‘What Have We Got’, an instant crowd pleaser which was followed by ‘I Don’t Wanna’, another sing a long classic from ‘77. People were joining in with chorus lines to a bunch of songs which they had grown up with while younger members of the audience were able to demonstrate appreciation in their energetic manner. The 100 Club was alive tonight as the crowd were going frantic. Anyone who has ever been to a gig at the 100 Club knows that this historic venue which first opened its doors in 1942! is too small for a band like Sham 69. The stage is pretty low and easily accessible. It didn’t take long and it was literally invaded by members of the audience throughout the show. What did the band do to tackle this? Everyone laughed despite the sheer madness of it and just played on. People were respectful & careful enough not to fall over masses of cables, band members and assorted musical instruments. Microphones were shared for happy sing – a- longs and hugs exchanged with Mr. Pursey himself.  A bunch of songs from the first album were belted out along with a couple of numbers from ‘That’s Life’. A much more recent song ‘Bastille Cake’ followed which proved that Pursey has still got a talent for song writing indeed. Next in line was ‘Money’ and the hit ‘Questions And Answers’, the lively set was then rounded off with ‘White Riot’ by The Clash.

….and The Evolution Of Punk continues in 2015 with ‘ Corkbush Field’…

The boys didn’t get the chance to have much of a break before the encore, the fans were hungry for more.  The crowd who filled the 100 Club were to be the first live audience ever to see Sham 69 perform a new song which is about a certain Private Arnold who was shot dead on 15th November 1647 at Corkbush Field for his involvement in an agreement of peace for the people. This might just be the launch of a new album.

People joined together and the crowd erupted as Sham 69 burst into ‘If The Kids Are United’. It was nearly over but things just weren’t going to calm down. ‘Hurry Up Harry’ was the last number which had plenty of bodies bouncing and voices chanting ‘We’re going down the pub’. It had been a great night but it was over too quickly and people weren’t yet ready to leave. That can only mean one thing, a great night was had by all.

Sham 69 will headline Zikenstock Festival in France 8 May 2015 & Rebellion Punk Music Festival in Blackpool/UK in August this year.






Robin Guy


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