The Featherz/Healthy Junkies /Sex Pissed Dolls

The Featherz/Healthy Junkies /Sex Pissed Dolls
O2 Academy Islington, London 20/3/2015
Live Review & Photos: Svenja Block

3 bands for a tenner…yes but…I can hear people shout, in Camden we get 4 bands a night for free. Well, this was Islington, one of the more expensive parts of London and the O2 Academy itself is a proper big venue even though tonight’s entertainment was happening in the smaller bar upstairs which is still sizeable enough – especially when packed out.

The Featherz were the first band of the night; they had a fairly early start due to the venue’s policy of trying to get punters to stay for the night club afterwards which meant there was definitely going to be a curfew before 11pm.

I would describe the three members of The Featherz as a very colourful outfit that’s on a mission to bring their glam infused punk to the people.

They had a few line-up changes in the past; The Featherz supported Boy George during his UK Tour in 2013 and flamboyant lead singer Danie Cox must have left a real lasting impression with Mr. George – she ended up being in three! of his more recent music videos.

The set was short but I remember the very poignant song title “When was the last time you had sex?” Well. I wonder if we’ll get an answer to this very straightforward question anytime soon from The Featherz?

Healthy Junkies have been getting more and more (deserved) attention lately, followed by a real buzz and a steadily growing number of supporters.This is partly due to singer Nina Courson’s extraordinary and energetic live performance. How to best describe their music? Maybe Nirvana meets Iggy Pop or Sonic Youth teaming up with Courtney Love? Some songs are very melodic and a bit of post -punk new wave surely must have been one of their influences. Courson and Phil Honey-Jones are the driving force and heart and soul of the Healthy Junkies (there have been several line-up changes over the years but this partnership has remained strong since the beginning); together they penned the already classic “Copycat” from the 2011 debut album “Sick Note”. It is often (tonight, too) the opener for one of the many live shows they have been playing around the UK or on tour in mainland Europe.

The front row usually fills up with keen photographers ready to document a piece of the action because Parisian lead singer Nina Courson is wild: She screams, jumps, dances, throws herself on the floor and addresses the audience with confidence and charisma. “Resistance” and “Witches of Lust” from the follow-up 2013 album “The Lost Refuge” sound fantastic live. One of the highlights is the short but very loud and intense “Hypocrite”. The new songs sound very promising and we anticipate the band to be going back into the studio to record new material soon. Expect Healthy Junkies to be playing bigger stages in the future so catch them while you can at their monthly residency The Unicorn in Camden!

I like a bit of controversy and hype surrounding an all female punk rock (covers) band. The Sex Pissed Dolls have not been playing many gigs together yet to my knowledge but people were quick to criticise, especially those who have only heard of them or were turned down the opportunity to play as direct support for the band. Tough, I would say.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong about an all female group singing mainly punk covers to an appreciative and pogo-ing crowd on a Friday night who wishes nothing more than to have a bit of fun singing along to well known and loved songs after a hard week of labour to let off a bit of steam. In a good way, of course.

The place was heaving when the Sex Pissed Dolls entered the stage; I noticed many punks and an interesting number of musicians watching the performance.

Nancy, the lead singer, oozed confidence and I was very impressed with her stage character which I believe also kind of reflects her real personality. This woman loves to perform in front of a crowd – I found her presence electrifying! Nice.

Few will know that the girls have a background as professional musicians…fists were punched into the air from the very first song which had to be “Pretty Vacant” by the Sex Pistols.

The set list was diverse and impressive: 23! songs were covered in total by the likes of Blondie, The Buzzcocks, The Skids, Sham 69, The Kaiser Chiefs, The Ramones, The Police, The Clash, Nirvana, The Undertones and many more.

Please come to town again soon girls. An awesome night featuring three great bands. Cheers!













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