Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind

Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind
“1000 Miles from the Sure”
By Lucky (Hollywood Lost Boy)
Design by Jean-luc Navette

I have been checking out a lot of other rock web-zines lately. They have lots of updates. Updates that include maybe one or two original catch phrases, but mostly copy and paste jobs from press releases sent out by PR types to anyone lucky enough to be on their hit list.  I get those too. But I have a train of thought and it’s coming through the long tunnel. 

So yeah, like a lot of you across the globe, I was kind of left shaking my head in disbelief when Jim announced the last stand for the Jim Jones Revue. Then it all became crystal clear. Jim’s revue had done what it set out to do. Touch lives, tour the world, sell records, and release the demons. But most importantly, it became clear that it was time for Jim to re-imagine himself and his musical vision. And we didn’t have to wait long; it seems a rolling stone gathers no moss.

And just like that Jim is back with a new band “Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind” Yeah he “borrowed” Righteous Mind from a book title. Must have been influential to the ninth degree. If I had time in my chaotic madness I would have a read. Slim chance in hell that will happen any time soon.

Jim takes us further down deep entities with “1000 Miles from the Sure”. Nice title, left to my interpretation I get a long way into uncertainty.  I love to be kept guessing, teetering on the abyss. The music is dark, the video paints it black. Occult-like imagery mixed with iconic Christianity, burning embers, seaside shadows, Middle Eastern wear, and oh, the succulent sirens.

Jim’s vocal is an otherworldly whisper, barely piercing the veil of dreams. It’s buried deep and carries burden. Strings and keys go in and out like nighttime specters passing through your being. Despite trepidation, you carry on, unable to resist.

The Righteous Mind textures with some amazing players, take Joe Glossop for example, he’s playing heavy-laden keys for the band. Joe has played with other acts that abound, such as Sam Hare, Kat Eaton and our friend Pete Molinari. Then there’s Phil Martini on skins. You more than likely know Phil from his days in Tokyo Dragons, or perhaps his tenure with The Quireboys. Two awesome bands, one awesome drummer.  An of course Gavin Jay on bass, we only have to look back to the Jim Jones Revue to know what talent lurks within. Try as I may, I couldn’t find much on David Page, at least I gave it a fucking go, but his contributions of pedal steel guitar and ever freaky Theremin add atmospheric unlimited. Jim has once again surrounded himself with the crème de la crème to complete and enhance the offering.

Le Premier Spectacle of Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind will commence this May in France. It is there the legions of Jim’s fanatical dwell, and so it is there it shall begin. Hopefully other fanatical will get their chance to bear witness too.