Electra, Barbwire Dolls & The Mulhollands

The Club with No Name @ The Viper Room - Sunset Strip, West Hollywood July 25, 2011

By Victoria Joyce (SugarBuzz Hollywood)

Dayle Gloria’s Club with No Name is anything but anonymous. Principals before personalities? Neither and both. 

Monday nights at the Viper (former home The Cat Club was sold down the river and is being turned into a sports bar. Shudder!), we checked out the last night of the July-long residency of The Barb Wire Dolls.  Plus The Mulhollands were headlining. What’s not to like? 

We walked in on opener Electra on stage. A punky, spunky blond bombshell lead singer with opera training backed up with a stealthy, healthy band and two buxom back-up singers in little black dresses looking very Italian. Capiche? 

Branded tambourines handed out by E as a promo item from the stage to an extremely enthusiastic and energetic crowd was a show stopper. Power ballads delivered with a super punch from Electra Barakos blew the roof off. Look for her and her band at the Sunset Strip Music Fest on August 20. But first check out her video, “Problem Child,” with cameo appearance by Texas Terri. Exquisite!! 

Next up  - the Barb Wire Dolls with yet another blond bombshell lead singer. (Midnight confession: we got these bands mixed up and thought Electra was the BWDolls. Oops. “She’s Greek too!” Electra informed us with a smile!) 

The BWD’s on the last night of this rowdy residency packed the house and delivered a powerhouse of Metal driven, lean and mean rock with dimension and spirit. One song has a twang of Hell Billy and the next a sash-shay Ska beat crafted with a sneaky drop-dead endings. Very sophisticated stuff. Loved her pink leopard halter top paired with the scanty panty Daisy Dukes embellished with a lot of Evita arm-raises. Got diva? 

The Barb Dolls are not just “Greek” in the American sense (your Granny escaped from Europe), this band is actually from there and now lives here in LA. Ooopa. And they are – Isis Queen (singer): Pyn Doll (guitarist), Voodoo Doll (bassist): Krash Doll (drummer). Welcome to America. Friend them, OK? 

In case you didn’t hear: The Fourth Annual Sunset Strip Music Festival is set for later this month, August 18-20, and it’s getting bigger and better every year. Saluting and performing this time ‘round –  good old Motley Crue. 

One of our faves, Mickey Avalon was just added joining Electra, Uriah Heep, Buckcherry, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger of The Doors (What? No John Densmore?), Lady Sinatra, She Wants Revenge, Purple Melon, Sabrosa Purr, Imagine Dragons, Warner Drive, Semi-Precious Weapons, Motochrist and Public Enemy. 

And that’s just a drop in the bucket. 60+ bands will be split up on 7 stages; 2 outdoor and 4 indoor (Key Club, Roxy, Viper and Whisky). Who needs Coachella or Any-Palooza when you can have such a civilized event right here at home. 

This perfect music festival is still being produced by Nic Adler, son of Lou, who runs the Roxy. We are all lucky and thankful to have him. Carry on my wayward son, there’ll be peace when you are done. 


http://youtu.be/KuqC3qP8Lzs (“Problem Child” by Electra)