“Beautiful Curse”
By Lucky (Hollywood Lost Boy)

Consummate artiste Guts Guttercat has gathered together master showmen extraordinaire for direct support and collaboration on the spectacular new release entitled “Beautiful Curse”.  Hailing from Paris, France, Guttercats compliments a succession of previous album and single must haves with a stellar collection of first-rate musical mainstays. Electrified with acoustic base, the songs on “Beautiful Curse” are a singer songwriters’ dream and, from a fans perspective, tracks you can latch ahold of for self-revival.

“Beautiful Curse” has an aura of nomadic romanticism, traversing a musical landscape. Prime examples are opener “Ain’t Going Nowhere, with its impassioned directionless wanderlust built on a solid song structure and the beautifully orchestrated “Slow Down”.

Straight ahead rocker “Nobody Knows” sports an almost early to mid career Kinks feel via Guts master story telling and infectious rock and roll direction. Lick Lickens swinging guitar hooks and Hubert Delgrange’s pounding piano carry this cut the whole nine yards.

“Death of a Girl” casts a shadowy noir. Guitar accentuate makes an impact reminiscent of Ennio Morricone soundtrack extraordinaire. Interwoven spoken work and lyrical choral create a dream-like kaleidoscope. Aude-Marie Duperret adds an alto breath of life.

GUTTERCATS have made “Night of the Vampire” their own thanks to a spirit stirring rendition of the Roky Erickson masterwork. Mathias Luszpinski’s soulful saxophone retorts to Guts’ poetic. Gérald Coulondre makes pomp and circumstance driving the chorus home with solid in the pocket.

Two versions of the absolute amazing “Dead Love’s Shadow” are presented on this release. The heavier of the two has a more rock driven delivery and the second version is included as an acoustic bonus track. You will be hard-pressed to pick a preference as both have endearing musical qualities. This is the track that instigated my infatuation with this band and still captivates and commands after continual repetitions.

Maintaining the overall aura is the tribal driven “Fire” with scorching lead guitar and unrelenting Taliaz Blonde bottom end and the ensuing heartache of “Without You I’m Nothing”. The latter features searing guitar realizations from Mister T. Jones and almost an underline sigh of relief as what should be sad and downtrodden has an uplifting feel throughout.

Sustained power chords divide the lines between colloquy and refrain in the poignant “Black Sorrow”.  The song paints a portrait of dark sentimental turbulence.  You can sense Guts profuse anguish as he cries, “This is the last goodbye”. The song invades and leaves a lingering impression on ones psyche.

“Way Down in Hell” has hints of outlaw country smattered with jingle jangle.  Perhaps Licks Lickens’ tour de force, the spotlight solo builds majestically culminating in a vanishing act that speaks volumes. Guts’ storytelling is so convincing, it is as if he has been there and come back to tell the tale.

“Beautiful Curse” has been a mainstay through some personal trials and tribulations and will forever be recognized as a healing force in my vast musical library.  Poetic as it is magical, the music is real and the talent is genuine. Own it.

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