Ozark Henry

Symphonic shape and 3D Record
The US premiere of “Paramount” in 9.1 3D sound, new album of Ozark Henry.
Review and  Select Photography by Mila Reynaud 

I had the chance to be invited to the exclusive listening session of Avant Gardist musician Ozark Henry ‘s for his new album “Paramount” at the Voila! Gallery in Los Angeles few weeks ago. Piet Goddaer, behind the Ozark Henry artist name, is an eclectic and unclassifiable musician.

His music combines and synthesizes multiple influences rock, jazz, electro, trip hop and ambient. For this new album the novelty is also technical. His new opus was recorded in 96 kHz sampling frequency and mixed in the new format of Auro 3D immersive surround sound (9.1 configuration).

And that’s a world first for an artist, a revolutionary new technology that renders a three-dimensional sound permitting reproduction of natural sounds in acoustic space; the listener is set in the environment of the orchestra as if he was then on stage. The sound quality is two times that of a CD. Ozark Henry wanted to ”share the experience he felt on stage in the middle of an orchestra”.

The title sums up the ambition of the project: Paramount. “It means the biggest say in impact and importance”, explains the singer. “This is what I can do more huge musically, being on stage with 90 musicians, push the technical limits, doing something that others had not yet done “.  I heard ” Paramount” could be nominated to the 2015 Grammy’s for ”Best surround sound album”. I really encourage you to listen, as the result is impressive. The sound design creates a cinematic effect, a really interesting experience.

A little more about Ozark; Ozark Henry has left his mark on the Belgian music scene since the mid-‘90s as a singer, songwriter, composer and producer. His early, mostly avant-garde electronic work, quickly earned him the support of artists like David Bowie, Trent Reznor, Jah Wobble and Zazie. He toured as the supporting act for Moby and Garbage.  Since then, he has released seven platinum studio albums and three soundtracks, cutting out a unique musical path. Always looking for new ways to translate sensory, emotional experiences through to his music, he blends heritage with technology, craft with experiment, audio with visual.

Here is a preview of the album Paramount from international Belgian pop artist Henry Ozart. Take a quick listen to a fragment of the number ‘We can be heroes’. Ozark Henry announces that his new album ‘Paramount’ will include a stunning Auro-3D® mix alongside traditional stereo and 5.1 mixes.