Expired Logic

Expired Logic
“Dissolution Consensus”
CD Review
By Kirsta Cameron

I met Expired Logic outside The Catalyst in Santa Cruz. We were all there for the Kid Congo/Rezillos show. It was a small but dedicated crowd and my friend never showed that was supposed to meet me there. So, while waiting, I chatted up the band, hanging out in front of their tour van. They were on their way to play a date in the bay area.Hailing from Seattle, WA, they described themselves as ‘Black Flag, hurling through space. I was curious as to what that would sound like. I handed off my extra ticket, as the band was a class act and was given a disc to check them out. I even got a great photo with two members as we chatted about Santa Cruz and Kid Congo. I treasure it.

I went home and after a few days, decided to check out ‘Dissolution Consensus.’ They were right… In the first few moments you hear a dizzying theremin play furious against a heavy wall of guitar drums and bass. The drums especially stand out on track 2, “Spun,” coming off as particularly tight sounding thanks to drummer Paul. Singer and theremin player Tim has a gristly, commanding voice perfect for the urgent delivery of the vocals. Track 3, “Rotting Inside” changes up the speed to an even more varied pace. Tim powers through the song with a vengeance, and there’s a great guitar solo near the end of the track provided by guitarist Globey. Track four picks up more speed really giving you a feeling that you are hurling through some kind of unknown void. This is a standout track with clean production and crisp sound. Authentic drums pick up and carry you through the song ‘Waxing Pathetic’, almost reminding this writer of early Corrupted Ideals/New Red Archives late eighties type speed punk.  This disc never slows down, the momentum only builds..

This lineup, Tim on vocals and theremin, Globey on guitars and vocals, Eddie on Bass and vocals and Paul on the drums, is really tuned into what’s happening around the world politically, as stated in track 7, ‘It’s a sham’, and the future is starting to look apolcalyptic and like Big Brother might be watching. Track 8, ‘Heavens to Murgatroyd’ brings back that awesome theremin. I applaud the use of an unconventional instrument to create these tracks and disc. It gives the bang ingenuity and originality, and makes a huge difference in song preference for this listener. The songs all clock in around three minutes or so. Track 9, ‘Ghidrah Betrayed’ gives us more THEREMIN (which, if you are listening, you are probably loving by now) set to quick as a hummingbirds heartbeat drums and a giant dose of bass guitar. No vocal appear on this track and they’re really not needed, the music is interesting enough that it stands up on it’s own. This is one of three freefalling tracks that especially send you on a musical trip. Vocals and theremin reemerge on track 10. ‘Betrayed’ is a great example of a band that has every base covered and produce timeless music. Guitars provided by Globey on ‘Step by Step’ are pleasantly surprizing, and a great opening to another abrasive, sharp, uncensored song that is the sound that is Expired Logic.

This 12 track disc is one of the finer CD’s I’ve had the pleasure of checking out.  By the end of ‘Jawstration,’ the band’s sound is still with me. The songs will resonate and stay with you. If you haven’t looked into Expired Logic, I suggest you do.  Their classic, old school sound combined with strong vocals and the unconventional theremin suggests a group that will never be forgotten in punk history or swept under the rug. Now that I’m familiar with the disc, I’m going to change my original opinion, officially. The band doesn’t sound like Black Flag hurling through space. It’s purely a sound of their own, a rock ‘n roll roller coaster spinning through a different dimension. They’ve obviously cultivated a great following, and have toured all over the place. They’ve seen this world and given us this album in return, full of social and political observations and dispositions.

Album art: 10/10: Gasmasks, gore, death, destruction. Effective.
Standout tracks: Rotting Inside (3), Take Me (4), Waxing Pathetic (5), It’s a Sham (7) and Ghidrah Betrayed (9).




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