Peter Blast

Peter Blast
Painting Without Canvas
Reviewed by Jonathan Smith

Chicago native, Peter Blast, has been performing live for over forty-five years. Playing bars by the age of fourteen, he hasn’t looked back since. Peter’s been recording albums under various labels throughout the years. With no sign of slowing down, he just released his ninth LP, “Painting Without Canvas.” Blast has worked with a spectrum of artists in the past. His newest LP includes sublime guest performances, featuring: Willy Schwarz of Tom Waits, Mark Andes of HEART, Bob Lizik of The Brian Wilson Group and Heather Horton.

Having never heard a Peter Blast record before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the first listen I was pleasantly surprised. Coming in at ten tracks, Peter delivers a different sensation in every tune. “In The Name of Love,” features Paris-like nostalgia, with bellowing accordions layered over majestic vocal harmonies. “I Don’t Drink, I Don’t Smoke, but I Lie,” has an effortless, Hawaiian-slacker vibe that I absolutely love. Being a huge “Santo & Johnny” fan; I can see where Peter gets some of his roots.

If you were to ask me what genre this album was, I don’t think I could give you a solid answer. Every song has such a unique feel to it that it’s hard to describe the sound in one or two words. There’s a bit of everything: Blues, Classic Rock, Folk, Country and everything in between. The instrumentation on this album is quite impressive. I heard violins, mandolins, steel guitar, accordions, banjos, etc. With all the various instruments, it definitely helps attribute to the different feel and immerses you into each and every song.

There’s even a beautiful rendition of The Stones classic, “Paint It Black,” thrown into the mix. When Peter sings you really feel for him and harness the passion he has behind his words. Most of all, it’s relatable. They’re places in our lives that we’ve all been to and learned from. Places we’ve been to and want to forget about. I think that’s what makes or breaks a song. When you can leave a song open-ended and sort of paste your own life onto it, it makes you actually feel for the artist.

Peter goes all in with his hand this time and plays his cards more than right. Whether you’re a country fan or just love some good old fashioned Rock N’ Roll, there’s something for everyone to love. This is an album celebrating life and love in all realms. It’s a work of art for true music aficionados all over the world. Peter’s style is laid back, while still being ballsy. “Painting Without Canvas,” is essentially a treat start to finish.

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