The Erotics

The Erotics
Interview with Mike Trash
By Lucky (Hollywood Lost Boy)

Rock and roll mainstays The Erotics have been plying their own brand of rock and roll for well over a decade and have no plans of hanging up the six-strings in this or any other lifetime. On the road or in the studio The Erotics always deliver, albeit sometimes in chaotic fashion, but they always exemplify what real rock and roll is all about. The Erotics ringleader, Mike Trash, is usually the instigator of the bands shinnaigans and it was he I reached out to to get the latest lowdown on the band’s forthcoming E.P. and upcoming U.S and U.K. tours.

Hey Mike, how you been? Staying outta trouble?  

Been ok, yes, been staying out of trouble……..for now.

What was the first record, CD, 8-track or digital download you ever owned? How did it initially make you feel?

From what I remember I think I owned an Elton John album first….but my first ‘rock album’ was Alice Cooper  “Go TO Hell”   I was in second grade at the time, I initially got it because I really loved the ballad ‘I Never Cry’  which was in major rotation on AM radio that year,  late 76/early 77 I think.   Needless to say the rest of the album scared the hell out of me….at first. Then something about distorted guitars really drew me in….  then my older cousin and some of my neighbors introduced me to Kiss, so there you go! It was also a cool feeling owning a new 45 or Album.

Where did you grow up?

Albany, NY.  Still reside there.

Was it a rough area?

It was your typical ‘semi’ rough area.

Did you get into any scrapes in your youth? 

Sure, we did didn’t we? Nothing major, you would usually dust yourself off and shake hands and be friends again.

Are The Exotics an unstoppable force that will never go away, never say die?  


Who are your current cohorts in crime and how long have each of them been in The Erotics?   

I’ve been in the band since its formation, Jan. 1996. Johnny has been in the band since 2004, and Billy since 2007. This been the longest lineup to date.

What pisses you off you the most about your fellow band mates? 

Nothing really, we all get along pretty well which is why I think this lineup is still going.

Who, bandmate or otherwise, inspires you to continually take it up another notch musically or in your personal life?  

I’m not even sure what the answer is….but my batteries are recharged at the moment.

Are “groupies” a thing of the past, or are there still ladies out to meet the band and get it on? 

I’m not at liberty to answer that sir, Carry on ;)

Everyone is super fucking excited about The Erotics new three banger EP entitled “Three Sheets To The Wind”.  How’d you come up with the title and does it draw from personal experience?    

Earlier this year, I was sitting home with the acoustic guitar and came up with the initial riff and scatted some lyrics, that sounded like ‘Three Sheets To The Wind’    It’s has an earlier Aerosmith rock era feel to it meets Dirty Deeds era AC/DC.

Can you provide us with the other song titles that will be on the EP?  

It’s only a 3 song E.P.  with as the mentioned title track, and ‘Last To Arrive, First To Die’, and ‘Little Miss Miserable’.

Where was the EP recorded and please tell us any antics that occurred while the process was taking place. How did you get that monster guitar tone on “Three Sheets To The Wind”? 

It was recorded at Don Fury’s studio; he also engineered, mixed and mastered it, as well as coproduced it with us.  We’ve been working with him since 2010, when we recorded ‘Today The Devil, Tomorrow World’.

Where can one go to obtain a copy of the new EP, and what formats will be available? 

It be available via our website in CD and Digital Format, as well as CD Baby…. and iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Have any other swag for fans? 

We have new t-shirts  that match the cover art of the new EP,   we also have download cards for the new release!!!!

The Erotics are slated to appear at The Low Beat in Albany, NY on Friday October 30. Is this going to be some sort of EP release celebration?  

Yes, it’s a little Halloween Bash we’re thrown, but now it’s kinda the release show for the EP too.   Which wasn’t planned, it just turned out that way.

Have you ever played there before, and if so, is it a family kinda joint, or is it more like a bacchanal?   

Yes, we played there a bunch of times.  Great place, great owner, great staff…..known all of them for decades.

What, if any, surprises are you planning for the unsuspecting attendees?   

Yes, but as you states, those are surprises, that we can’t spoil, lol.

Any other U.S. dates on deck ?

Well,  yes, Thanksgiving weekend….when we get back from the UK.

The Erotics also have some UK shows lined up for November. Give us some particulars and how the tour came about. Have you ever played in the UK before? 

This will be trip # 7 for us in the UK, always a wonderful time.

Are you fans of any of the bands that you will be appearing with? 

We have a few with Teenage Casket Company, great band. We’ve toured with them 5 times over the years…. 3 UK, 2 US.

Is Mike Trash allowed to drive on open roads, and if so, do you own a car?

Yes, haha….   I own a 99 Cadillac Deville, love it had It for over 2 years, now.  I just have trouble seeing at night now that I’m older, which is frustrating while driving.

Any parting wisdom you care to share with the SugarBuzz readers worldwide?

As long as it’s still fun, don’t stop!!!

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