The Bouncing Souls

“Sounds Like Home” Premiere’s on the Web with the Bouncing Souls: Let’s Talk Music
Directed by PawL BaZile
Still Photography by Jennyfer Scherrer

“Where are you from?”
“What kind of music do you play?”
“How did where you’re from make you want to play that kind of music?”

Awhile back I made a documentary called “Living the American Nightmare”.  I did about 50 interviews give or take and the one thing everyone had in common was they were truly nice.  Nice enough to invite me to their homes and work space and watch my fat lisping ass fumble through notes and look to egar while I’m positive they could have been using their time more constructively.  The rub is they were “nice” and some strange dude said “Hello”, turned a camera on, and asked question after question about “life on the road,” “labels,” “drugs,” “death,” and the artists struggle to “make it”.  Those poor bastards.

The film turned out decent enough and got a good response, but I failed to make a movie about music….. it was simple about the human condition.  I could have make the same film about guys laying bricks (and I’m positive that sucks way harder than dealing with shitty P.A. systems).  I was missing the point.  The point is why not have musicians talk about the one thing they are undoubtedly experts in.  Not drugs.  Not promoters.  Not Labels.  Not shitty girlfriends.  Not fucked up vans.  But Music.  Craft.  I bet the typical guy in a band can talk all day about the chords he chooses, and the brand of strings he likes best.  I started this web series to prove it.

“Sounds Like Home” starts with where someone came from, because we are all victims of our environment, and brings it back to the craft and workmanship of being a skilled musician.  This brought me to the Bouncing Souls.  Complete New Jersey icons of stripped down punk rock.  Forget the fact that they’re nice guys.  It doesn’t matter that Bryan once had me try a home cooked turkey chili with pineapple and ginger that was out of this world. It is immaterial that Pete shared his funions with me while taking five.  No.  These guys have been punk rock mainstays for 25 years.  They work their asses off and are always evolving and bringing a hungry audience fresh material.  No one else can be the Bouncing Souls and these guys mastered the beauty of punk rock using a harmony and rage that comes right off the oceans of the Jersey shore.  This is what they had to say in the 1st episode of “Sounds like Home”

If this series ends up being about having the very best musicians at what they do give a free music lesson in under 10 minutes, who better than the Bouncing Souls?  Greg, Bryan, Pete, and George aren’t just what punk rock is all about, they are what music is all about…. and to an extent what Jersey is all about.  Greg said “Anyone can sing”.  That is a profoundly simple and true lesson.  And it applies to almost anything.  The larger picture is about finding your voice and discovering who you are.  There is no end, it’s a continuous process that changes, and evolves, it’s like love.  That’s what music is and that’s what I learned talking to the Bouncing Souls.  Going down the road of finding your own voice musically or otherwise is what it’s all about and there is no wrong way to do it.

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Sounds Like Home

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