How a Punk Can Vote for Trump in 4 Easy Steps

donald-trumpHow a Punk Can Vote for Trump in 4 Easy Steps
Written by PawL Bazile

The United States is the “Fuck You” country.  The nice way of saying that is “Freedom” and its smeared all over every founding document this country has.  The way I understood punk rock was the worship of freedom and rejection of bullshit with style.  It’s beautiful in its simplicity.  And sometime in my lifetime it got twisted.

Punk, like any other muscle, needs to be exercised or it becomes weak.  The headspace and philosophy becomes weak, the people become weak, art and music becomes weak…. And punk rockers should despise weakness.  When weakness creeps in, malcontents with letterhead will write their agendas over a punk background.

There are now 2 kinds of punks:

Folks who feel different, and want to do whatever they want and not give a fuck what anyone thinks of them.


Folks who feel different, and want the whole world to accept them while simultaneously ignoring how out of the way they went to make themselves so unusual.   (i.e. They want to be accepted as normal)

I would never claim there is only one correct way to think, or even be punk, or that I know what’s best for anyone besides myself, but I’d like you to let old Uncle PawL take you down a road with somewhat of a thought experiment, and if your thoughts go to some unexpected places, it’s okay, we don’t have to tell anyone.  See, punkspunk the vote love to disagree.  The problem is we can’t get back to arguing over cool stuff if we don’t at least agree on how crucial individual freedom is.  We have to feel free enough to be different, even from punk to punk… which brings me of course to Donald Trump.

CALM DOWN!!!  I can see those veins ready to burst in those manic panic stained heads already.  Take a breath.  Donald Trump.  Reality show host, real estate developer, billionaire, presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  According to every middle class kid with funny hair and doc martens the scourge of the nation and new Hitler.  No self-respecting punk would even think of casting a vote his way, right?  Well maybe not.  Maybe punks have been infected with too much propaganda from the other side and have more principles inline with a guy like Trump they we all think.  Let’s plug it in and see what get:

1. THE SYSTEM: “All Fall Down”

Can’t think Punk without thinking about how much we hate the system, right?

“Fuck the System” “Their System doesn’t work for you”, so on and so forth.  Along comes a guy from completely outside the system and what’s the response?  “He has no experience!”   Really?  Not as experienced as who?  All the life long politicians who fucked with this country, fucked with our freedoms with unnecessary laws, fucked with our money (YOUR MONEY, remember that) with wars we didn’t need.  Put simply, Trump doesn’t play the game, he flips the board.  I want that.  I want the system to panic.  I want DC to panic.  The government works for you and me, and we should be feared as it’s superiors.  Is Trump a policy nerd who going to perfectly slip into the system?  No.  He’s going to truly stir the shit and delegate responsibilities.  No one wants him to be winning, remember that.  Even Fox gave him more mic time hoping he’d eat himself so they could find the “real” candidate and it backfired.  And everyone on the left is a political parasite who would want to strengthen the broken system… which means MORE system.  More control, more laws, more regulation, more of your money leaving your pockets anyway they can get it.  At least our government always spends tax dollars really well…right?

1. MONEY: “Lost in the Super Market”

He’s just some rich white guy, right?  Fuck him.  Here’s a question: Why?  Now,

I get money and corporations and business are supposed to be evil in a punk world.  I’ve been hearing it my whole life.  Then I came to the realization money isn’t evil it’s just indifferent.  It’s math.  Being broke means you are subservient to anyone stirwho’ll give you crumbs from their plate (especially the government) but having cash means you have clout and get to say “No”.   Rich people know how to handle those numbers, and Trump’s pretty fucking rich… and it takes a lot of money to handle a country.  It’s true that Trump was given a $2 million dollar loan from his father, which people whine as evidence he was born with a silver spoon and never really worked for his wealth.  Consider this, Trump took $2 million and turned it into BILLIONS.   I believe it’s a lot easier to loose $2 million than multiple it over and over again.  In fact I’d bet if you took all his cash from him today, he’d have millions again by the end of the year.  Not to mention what initially got me paying attention to this guy; he’s funding his own campaign.  Do you understand how revolutionary that is?  Everyone running is rich.  Richer than most of us anyway.  They go on about “campaign finance reform” then beg lobbyists and special interest groups for money every 4 years. They are all in the pocket of someone… except the Donald.  He is beholden to no one.  No one owns him.  He has “fuck you money” and is using it to say anything he wants to become leader of the country.  And he isn’t promising “Free” anything because in the real world “Free” means “Worthless”.

1. CULTURE SHOCK: “Guilty of Being White”

I’ve heard “Trump’s a Racist” said over and over again like it’s an incantation that if said enough makes it magically true.  I ask all the time for examples of any racist statements he’s ever made.  1st, is the “and some I assume are good people” quote about illegal immigration.  He called illegal immigrants “murders” and “rapists”.  And that would be really fucked up if he wasn’t talking frankly about a very real problem with gang violence boarder states are having.  I mean, I don’t notice because I live in New Jersey.  But if you talk to a regular guy in Arizona, for example, about Mexican gangs, he’d likely let you know there is a huge problem over there.  Admittedly, building a wall isn’t my 1st issue, but I don’t have a cartel in my backyard.  The light estimate of illegal immigrants in the U.S. is 30 million. If you take a deep breath and get the Lady Gaga speeches out of your head, you can understand a reasonable response is we can’t just have open boarders.  That’s not crazy racist hate talk.  America takes on more immigrants than every other country combined, which is good. No one’s saying they don’t like Mexicans.  Mexicans are great, they just need to go threw the same process a guy from England needs to.  That’s reasonable.  Trump also said he wanted to temporarily ban Muslims from the country.  Just a reminder, this was right after Muslim terrorists attacked Paris (and just a reminder, Muslims are the people with the religion that go on kill crazy rampages if you draw a picture of their prophet… the same people who just voted it was against the Quran to make pedophilia illegalmad in Pakistan).   I like Muslim people; I don’t like Muslim ideas.  I feel the same about Christians.  I’m glad this country is secular.  Trump didn’t say he hated Muslims and we should never let them in the country ever.  The word “temporary” was in there, like when Jimmy Carter did it.   Admittedly unenforceable, but the sentiment is right.  There should be some response to any large group of people killing in the street in the name of their god…. Not an apology from the west.  I get mad when I see that, and so should you, and I want a leader that does too.  A ban might not be the answer, it was an off the cuff remark which echoed a feelings and anger a lot of people have.  These wars are different and blurry and tricky.  There’s no enemy wearing a uniform we can point too.  But there is a problem; the common link seems to be some sects of Islam.  I’m glad Trump isn’t afraid to confront and talk frankly about topics like this.

I’m glad he was frustrated because that can lead to a better solution than doing nothing, which means we can be less afraid to go to shows, and worry about how we dress under the threat of offending someone else’s imaginary friend.  We need that.

1. PERSONALITY: “Attitude”

Trump is blunt.  He talks very directly, and simply, and takes zero shit.  This is the easiest reason to get behind him as a punk because he does exactly what we’ve all admired in ourselves.  If he thinks something’s stupid he says “That’s Stupid”.  We’re so used to our politicians & celebrities pandering in the way they speak when someone talks or reacts like a human being, it’s jarring.  All my life people bitched about all the double speak that was in politics and overnight, it’s not.  He changed the game by speaking his mind and not taking shit, suddenly everyone in both parties needed to do the same… that’s leadership if I’ve ever seen it.  Would punks react so viscerally to him if he was doing it all on the left I wonder?  Somewhere along the lines the politically correct agenda of over sensitivity infected punk rock (which if you’re keeping score IS CRAZY).  Trump is insensitive.

Great.  He’s insensitive to everyone and is forcing everyone in the process to grow thicker skin, which is something punks used to be born with.  I know most of us are allergic to the word “Republican”, but Trump has no problem withlike gays.  He’s not a drug war guy.  He’s not even anti-abortion.  And he IS for marijuana legalization.  That’s pretty progressive shit.  Hillary never even went that far on pot.  The attitude of plain talk is a cleansing to people who are so used to lies in our language.  We forgot we were founded on “Fuck You” and not “We’re all Snowflakes”.

Do you really want to like your president??  Isn’t that lame?   If it ends up being anyone else would you REALLY like them?  For real??  I don’t need to like Trump, and I don’t.  I’m not voting for my best pal.  I’m I registered Libertarian, who voted for Obama, and I’m more of a Rand Paul guy (but really want Gary Johnson).  I don’t like Trump, but I understand why he’s best for this country. I won’t be cooing over his administration, and I’ll be happy to point out all his bullshit as it comes like anyone else.  But if you want real change, this is the 1st time in my lifetime we have a really unusual candidate, who shouldn’t be there but somehow is, which is counterculture as fuck.  Rising Above is a theme in punk, and it’s what’s happening here, a once in a lifetime event.  An eclipse.  And most punk of all, he gives no fucks what you think about his hair.

Pawl BAzile is a filmmaker and journalist from New Jersey.

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