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scarlettopperInterview with Steve Scarlet (Sinisters/Drunkula/Voodoo Bunny and Cyclops 7666)
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One eyed drunks creating Babel like mad preachers at the pulpit. Jettisoning all baggage to make the load lighter and more intense. All-nighters, lots of caffeine. No somnolent subdued sleepiness. Rabble rousers arise the next coming has arrived.

Who were The Sinisters, what year did they exist and what lead to their demise? Will they ever rise from the dead?

The Sinisters actually never broke up – we just stopped being a band, the drummer and myself went on to start a new project Drunkula, which is also now put to sleep, and then I started Cyclops 7666 about a year & a half ago with Saint (the singer from Sinisters) - The Sinisters reunited for a sold-out show for the Bovine’s 20th anniversary party 5 years ago & there’s rumours of us playing the Bovine 25th anniversary this year?

How has the musical climate changed in Toronto?

Well Toronto has had a bit of an identity problem over the last years, not sure if it’s the hipster kids or just that  cities change but a lot of the edge, sex and danger left, a lot of the bands got wimpy, sold their fuzz guitar pedals for delay pedals lol and pretended to be from Brooklyn or whatever and I’ve never seen so many bands with banjos and mandolins , also the audience changed a lot, they seemed more about going to shows because it was the hip show to be at - tweeting and taking selfies but didn’t really care about the music so much.  But because of that, there’s a great underground hardcore/metal movement, I’m seeing more punk bands and real rock and roll coming back – things go in cycles

On that note how has being in a band changed over the years. Has the music business changed drastically?

I don’t know about other bands but I still do what I’ve always done - try and write killer songs to play live. I believe the music industry is in a lost revenue spiral that they created and streaming and auto-tuned software has made music disposable to a new generation but it’s great to see vinyl again, something you can hold and look at

Having seen The Sinisters many times over the years it was apparent that your live show was full of high octane energy. Do you feel that this was ever captured on your releases? What are the most memorable shows that come to mind with The Sinisters?

The studio and live are different beasts but The Sinisters released a live record to capture the mayhem but nothing beats seeing a band live.

What are the most memorable shows that come to mind with The Sinisters?

blurry years lol but we did a mini tour with Nashville pussy and that was off the hook, playing with The Ramones in new York was a blast, as well as shows we did with The Damned, there were tons of other crazy shows just can’t remember them all lol   lots of stitches, blood, broken glass, pig heads and animal parts, “party favours”

How did The Sinisters morph into Drunkula?

My buddy Nick was at my house, we used to play in a band Plasma Blast together he had the name Drunkula I played him some riffs, I asked Brian from The Sinisters if he wanted to play in this band as well, he said yes, band was born we jammed as a 3 piece, wrote a record, then found a singer played some shows then recorded a record.

Who is Voodoo Bunny?

Voodoo Bunny is female fronted electronic rock/blues duo – TretheSlayer and myself, guitar and drum machines
we were previously a 4 piece

Have you ever posed naked for National Geographic?

Possibly in a past life

Have you ever performed naked on stage?

Not yet

Do you have a name for your penis?

Not this week

Have you ever pretended to puke on stage (under the mask of using mushroom soup) and have the other band members fight each other with spoons to get to the meaty bits?

No pretending and yes there’s been real puke on stage but not mine and blood and other fun stuff too.

Is Steve Saint really an imposter? I read in NOW magazine that he actually might be living in Iceland.

Don’t believe everything you read, but you never know

How did Cyclops 7666 come together?

I kind of knew Ryan (bass player) from around the scene, we had a lot of friends in common, I believe we talked about jamming when we were at a Jim Jones show at the horseshoe, I asked my drummer buddy Phil who used to play in Voodoo Bunny together, we jammed, I asked Saint (from The Sinisters) we hadn’t played together since The Sinisters reunion a years earlier and the band was born.

Who is in the band?

Saint – vocals / myself Steve Scarlet – guitar / Ryan Brown – bass / Phil Skot – drums

Where did the name come from?

The name kind of came out of a joke – from one of my old bands Drunkula – you know when you’ve had too much to drink and you cover one eye to see – Cyclops,    my buddy said we should add a tag at the end 7666 because the internet searches get you straight to the band

Why did you decide to press vinyl and did you have to wait awhile to get the actual product produced?

We decided to make vinyl because the audience was shouting “studio” “studio” at us at our live shows, lol, I was wasn’t that concerned about making another record and the whole cycle that goes with it – I just wanted to play live and kick out the jams, also we had no band picture, music, bio, agent, manager, etc. we got gigs on our live shows from word of mouth but we had a bunch of killer original songs, we saved enough money from a year and a half of playing and made a vinyl 45 pure d.i.y  and yes it took I believe 4 months to get it pressed, busy year for vinyl and I’m sure we got bumped back because of the big boys, music label corporations. Whatever a fine wine takes time

How did you come to us Ian Blurton to produce the single?

I’ve recorded with Ian Blurton in the past, and he had just opened his new studio (ProGold Studios), I had a certain/sonic way I wanted the recordings to sound – we did all in one day, live off the floor

Are there plans for a full length release?

No, probably just limited edition vinyl 45′s singles, splits with bands we love, maybe a 10inch ep? Quality not quantity keeping it fresh, less is more

Are there plans for a tour to promote the single?

We’re a new band, we love to play!

Is there really a sense of danger in music anymore?

Yes, I hope so?!

What do you hope for the future of the band?

Just have a blast, write and play, and possibly record more killer tunes, keep it real, pure

Is there any current touring band that you would love to share the stage with?

Wolfmother, Imperial State Electric and Russian Circles are the shit and would love to share the stage with’em, there’s a ton of other killer bands too, Royal Blood are awesome, Airbourne as well

Any parting thoughts, rants or life advice?

Stay real
Never forget yesterday,
But always live for today,
Because you never know what tomorrow can bring,
Or what it can take away

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