Brandy Row

USA premiere of Brandy Row’s “Hold No Shame”.
Exclusive SugarBuzz Magazine Interview by Lucky (Hollywood Miscreant)
Photography by Garazi Gardner

Brandy Row has gained quite a reputation as a legit musical entity resulting from his scathing punk rock endeavors and his introspective solo outings. Brandy’s music is honest and integral, bonding his offerings to the listener.  After some extensive overseas touring and impactful select shows on the east and west coasts, Brandy disappeared from the underground forefront causing many concern as to his whereabouts and status on the planet. As it turns out, Brandy was just tucked away, creating new music and gearing up for his next foray.  So without further ado, watch Brandy’s new video for “Hold No Shame” and read the interview I conducted after finally tracking down Brandy Row.

Just where the hell have you been?

It’s where I haven’t been that’s more the concern.

We here at SugarBuzz are super excited about to hear about your new upcoming release, “Hold No Shame”. When is it going to be available and in what formats? What label will it be released on?

May 2nd Is the date and It’s gonna be available on 10” vinyl and digital download, iTunes. On NFT records!

Is “Hold No Shame” going to be an EP, or are there a bunch of songs and if so how many? Care to name a few titles? Do you have a favorite track on it?

Yeah It’s an EP four track, but quite a big body of work for just 4 songs. Hold No Shame is a piece of my soul so I kinda like em all as they are all so different. That’s the thing about being a ”solo artist” you have more room to play with different styles and express yourself in many ways and still be labelled with the same name.

I read somewhere that an incredible array of musicians performed on this effort. Can you name some names and how did the collaborations come about?

Indeed! Some of the best folks I know, the great talents on this record are The multi-instrumentalist – Ash Sheehan who has appeared on a few of my records in the past, Rex Roulette on guitar who plays in my live Band too, Joe Harvey-Whyte on Pedal Steel, The beautiful voice of Tara Chin, and the 2nd Multi-instrumentalist Ray Loverock to mention a few.

Who produced the new sessions and where was it recorded? Any challenges encountered in the recording process or was it smooth sailing?

Well I’m working with a super talented Producer, Alastair Jamieson in Birmingham who owns Park Studios JQ! It’s become my second home and somewhere that magic just seems to seep from every crack in every wall. The vibe of the place is phenomenal and the company it keeps is very warming. It has helped me captivate the emotion on my new record let alone Alastair’s understanding and ability to develop my ideas and capture my message through my madness.

Do you have any plans to return stateside? How about UK and other European dates? Will you be performing solo, or will you have some mates in tow this time around?

Coming back to the states is something that will probably be happening later this year! I HOPE!
I’m just about to hit the road and play a line of dates In Italy From the 12th of May until the 15th of May. It’s my first time in Italy so Im super excited!
Then I’ll be playing 3 weeks starting in Holland through Germany and picking up my backing band (members of Radio Dead Ones) in Berlin then heading through Czech Republic back to Berlin from the 26th of May until The 11th of June. There also will be some dates In Sweden in the middle of July and later on this year there will be a Japanese tour as the plans are already in progress.

You have been known to release some stellar music videos in the past. Any plans for videos to accompany the new songs? How do you go about making your videos anyways? Who is the creative force behind the camera and what equipment is used in the process? Who plans out the “concept” of the videos?

I mainly come up with the ideas. I work with a bunch of really talented directors, one being a great guy called Brendan Cleaves who shot my last few videos. He is an artist himself so he has a big influence in making them come to life and is realistic with what is achievable. I usually think way overboard with what is doable so both of our heads together combined results in a happy medium! I recently have been working with Luke Baker who shot 2 new vids for the upcoming single of Hold No Shame, an absolute pleasure to work with! Keep an eye for him in the future.

How’s Brandy Row’s love life these days? Is there anyone special that we nosey fans need to be aware of? Who would you say is your best friend in the whole wide world? Who would you say is your worst enemy in the whole wide world?

Its Great! I Love Life!
I don’t have enemies I’m an angel ;)
My brother and partner in crime Is Marco from NFT. He also does all my artwork so if you ever need anything hit him up! He is a man of many talents and a true artist.

Is Brandy Row plagued by the paparazzi, or are you still able to move about in an unscathed fashion? How about stalkers, any of those sort about?

I haven’t really noticed.

Speaking of fashion, just where do you get the awesome attires you have been seen wearing? Do clothing manufactures comp you or do you have to shell out your hard earned cash just like all the rest of us commoners?

A bit of both really. I get hooked up with some small independent company’s now and then and find a lot of stuff in thrift stores and flea markets. You know the drill, wheeling and dealing. Got the gypsy eye so finding cheap stuff ain’t ever a problem.

What would you say is your nastiest habit?

Good Question.

Care to mention any artists, music or otherwise, that have caught your attention in the past year?

To be honest I spend most of my time reading. A few Inspirational eclectic books I’ve read in the last few months are, Alan Watts – The Wisdom Of Insecurity, George Orwell – Down and Out in Paris and London, Francis Fukuyama – The Origins of Political Decay, Bill Hicks – Love All the People, Mayakovsky Volodya – Selected Works, Karen Armstrong – Islam a Short Story, Lenard Kaufman – Juvenile Delinquents, and Nick Caves – The Death of Bunny Munro. I could go on and on….

Do you have any encouraging words or parting gifts of wisdom for your fans worldwide?

Get better, Not bitter.

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