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Iggy Pop & Josh Homme
The Grammy Museum
Los Angeles, California
April 27, 2016
By Victoria Joyce
Phone Pictures by Victoria Joyce

Don’t ever go to downtown Los Angeles. It’s full of sports fans, strollers and cars. And you could pay your utility bill with what they charge for parking. However, when your photographer pal calls and says Iggy Pop is doing an intimate Q&A in cahoots with the new album & tour and she’s got tickets, you don’t hesitate.

The Grammy Museum is eight years old and like the Museum of TV & Radio it’s mostly about events and performances. They have 4 floors of nifty stuff plus the required gift shoppe with lots of groovy merch. Currently they have a cool photo exhibit of Bob Dylan photography with stuff never seen before. And they just closed a Supremes show that featured the Turquoise Freeze gowns from a 1967 appearance on The Hollywood Palace. Come see about me.

The sad part is, The Grammy Museum is part of this monstrosity called “LA Live.” They had to call it that because the name “LAX” was already taken. This is not an easy place to get to. A dozen other huge events are going on, plus mega-malls with restaurants, theaters, etc. and it’s next door to The Staples Center and the LA Convention Center. Like I said, LAX.

But what the heck, we waited too long and the show at the Greek Theater was sold out. We heard the cool radio interview the week before with Iggy’s old buddy Steve Jones (Sex Pistols) who is back on LA terrestrial radio every day 12p-2p; Jonesy’s Jukebox on KLOS. All the hype is promoting the new album, “Post Pop Depression,” which is glorious.

Born James Newell Osterberg, Jr., Iggy Pop is now 69 years old. And in light of recent events, this might be our last opportunity to see him. Knocking on heaven’s door.

Scott Goldman, Grammy Muse VP introduced the program to the sold out Clive Davis 200-seat theater  – more like a large meeting room – with some nice video from an upcoming episode of Austin City Limits. Would you believe this show has been on for 40 years? That’s as long as Iggy’s been popping! The insanely talented Josh Homme headed up the backup band with his QOTSA bandmate: Dean Fertitia  and Artic Monkeys drummer, Matt Helders. Of course they did “Lust for Life” and a new one from “Post Pop Dep” called “Sunday,” I think. “Gardenia” is getting a lot of airplay for a good reason. It might be Iggy’s best work.

Wearing leather jackets and tight pants and giggling like two bad boys that got caught and called into the principal’s office Iggy and Josh came up and the mood was light hearted and silly. Iggy did not wear socks. Tee hee. So cool.

Mr. Goldman asked really pertinent questions and the answers were mostly obscure and weird and about “the process” of songs, writing, playing and recording. Josh has this studio way out in the California desert, near Joshua Tree – really remote. How did they meet? At a big party – Marilyn Manson introduced them. Whose idea was it? Josh. How did it happen? He sent a text. What was his first Iggy record? Raw Power. Where did he buy it? Tower Records, San Diego. Gripping stuff, right? And they both love everything German. The coolest tidbit was Iggy’s factoid about Bowie suggesting he use his natural baritone voice for vocals. Swoon. And the biggest fun fact was about Iggy’s most recent dive into crooning and recording standards on the down-low. He’s big in France.

After the Grammy Museum, they guys high-tailed it to Hollywood, where they did the Kimmel Show. The video is still up. It’s great. Josh and the guys are wearing dark red, sharkskin jackets and Iggy has no shirt. From his performances on Kimmel and Austin City Limits, Iggy puts the kids to shame. This tiny sprite is all over the stage with his signature spastic dances and the voice is still there with a slight falter here and there that is entirely forgivable. Jesus, it’s Iggy!!! He’s still here. Enjoy.

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