Lee Ving

Lee Ving Throbblehead
Headliners and Legends

Available for pre-order is a must have for punks, collectors of cool and fans of legendary Los Angeles hardcore punk band Fear. From our friends at AGGRONAUTIX, the people who brought you the insanely cool Wendy O. Williams “1982” and the completely sold out and still highly sought after Captain Sensible throbbleheads, comes an amazing piece of work that you are sure going to want adoring your shelf or vestibule.

The Lee Ving throbblehead is a life like 7” polyresin (what ever the fuck that is) figurine. Ving is wearing a trademark leather jacket (black) that’s sporting patches and Lee is flipping the bird to boot. I got to say it is pretty badass looking.  Takes me back to some ultra violent Starwood shows where chaos and madness ensued.  The packaging is a piece of work in itself featuring box art by none other than the mighty Marco Palumbo of NO FRONT TEETH (UK). You can’t go wrong with that.

The Lee Ving throbblehead is a limited edition, with only 1000 being made, and each is hand numbered for sheer individuality. So drop the needle on your worn out copy of “The Record” and bang around your very own Lee Ving to your hearts content. You are never too old for cool collectables; at least that is what we adults call toys.  Takes me back. Takes me back.