Louise Distras

Louise Distras
Redwood, Los Angeles
Interview by Lucky
Photography by Alex Kinnan

Every so often, a standout-touring musician that comes to ply their wares visits Los Angeles. These visitations are not just a gig, or a show, but an event to be experienced, treasured and forever remembered. Those enough in-the-know, or perhaps fortunate to be in a right place at a right time bear witness to the phenomenon, and are instrumental to spread the word, carry the artists message. Such is my mission.

So it came to pass at the Redwood Bar and Grill in Los Angeles as Louise Distras kicked off a limited engagement west coast tour of America. Hailing from London England, Louise basically, when not in the studio, travels the world with guitar in hand to play to all with a mind to listen. In addition, she brings a catalogue of thought-provoking songs that trigger response. Her songs are straight from the heart about issues she’s the utmost passionate. Louise commanders a room and is undaunted by distraction. She injects attitude, anger and defiance at the apropos passage and mixes softness with human strength in counterpoint. She is appreciative of others, as displayed by her sincere thanks to those in attendance and those behind the scenes, and goes the extra mile to make all feel welcome.

Louise’s set featured songs from her debut album, “Dreams from the Factory Floor” and had some extra added surprises as well. Being ardent of Louise’s recordings and videos for an extended period of time made it almost surreal to be hearing them live and I found myself engulfed in a bit of a sing-along from my vantage point stage right. Others took part in their own way, either injecting exuberant applause or shouting approval in some form or another. All in all, Louise and the crowd connected thus starting off the tour with a close-knit stellar evening.

Cutting it close to the club’s closing, Louise and I ventured to the designated “back stage” area for a quick question and answer.  That conversation was captured live and is posted here for you all to have a listen. Give it a go mates. Click the link below.

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